Book Review: A to Z of Book Terms by Satabdi Mukherjee

No doubt, books are a treasure house of knowledge. We buy and stack various books on our shelves. We read them during our spare time, especially during these pandemic times. Have you ever thought of the complex book terms? Frankly speaking, I never made any attempt to learn any of the book terms even though I have several books inside the shelves. If you would like to learn about the various book terms, you should checkout A to Z of Book Terms by Satabdi Mukherjee. The book is available for download via Blogchatter, India based popular social media influencer platform.

The A to Z of Book Terms book covers several terms spanning 94 pages. The first topic covers age tanning and the steps required to manufacture paper. You have to protect your books against insects and other creatures and the author examines the term in detail including the type of creatures likely to invade the books.

The author also provides ways to prevent pest infestations. I never heard about the next term and you can download the book to know more. The edges are very important when it comes to the books. The author has examined the term in detail with history. From my point of view, the book will be very useful for students and those who would like to learn unknown facts quickly.

You will learn the history of bookmarks, which will be useful for book lovers. The bookmarks are included with the books I purchase but never made any attempt to learn the background history behind it. The concept of Florilegium is explained in detail with examples. The author examines several important terms in the subsequent sections with detailed explanations with supported figures.

A2Z of Book Terms

I would appreciate if the author integrates images inside the chapters. For example, the author can include an image of a modern bookmark while discussing the bookmarks. The author has specifically marked important points in bold. The beauty of A to Z of Book Terms book is that each term includes relevant images, which helps you to know about the term clearly.

The A to Z of Book Terms book is a great asset for chronic book lovers and addicts who would like to learn about the unknown terms, which they can never find elsewhere. The book has got a rich potential and the author should update the content regularly with additional terms. You can download A to Z of Book Terms book authored by Satabdi Mukherjee under #BlogchatterEBook campaign on Blogchatter for free.

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