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Azure Media Player – Updates and Support Avenue Now Available

Microsoft has updated Azure Media Player with UI Localization strings. The latest release also fixes several bugs. It fixes an issue when BigPlay button does not have enough contrast and an error related to Visual tab focus indicator. The Selete Bitrate menu now make use of correct resolution information. Moreover, the more options menu has been dynamically sized. The previous version had various UI issues which has been corrected in this version. You can view a list of all changes on the official changelog page.

Microsoft is slated to update and optimize Azure Media Player in the near future. If you are unaware, Azure Media Player is an HTML5 web player which is capable of playing back adaptive streaming content from Azure Media Services. The player make use of a wide range of technologies to select the correct underlying technology and streaming format to reach the most popular devices with ease.

Azure Media Player

Moreover, developers have a unified JavaScript interface to access APIs, which enable content server by Azure Media Services to be played across a wide-range of devices and browsers without any extra effort.

“Azure Media Player will continue to grow and evolve, adding more features and enabling more scenarios,” said Amit Rajput, Program Manager, Azure Media Services.

Microsoft is open to ideas and suggestions through UserVoice forum as to how to make Azure Media Player more useful for developers.

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