Azure Media Player Adds Multi Audio Stream Support

Microsoft has added multi audio stream support for Azure Media Player. It includes support for seamless same codec audio switching on the AzureHtml5JS and FlashSS.

Microsoft has created two streams namely Elephant Dream and Sintel. These demos include support for English, Spanish, Stereo, Surround and Instrumental versions of the audio streams.

You can perform audio stream switching either through the default skin or via programming. It is easy to generate track labels automatically using the language and bitrate information or from the title of the audio stream as outlined in the manifest.

The latest release of Azure Media Player includes several bug fixes. You will be able to check all of them in the official changelog

Microsoft has updated Azure Media Player in such a way that it will automatically look at the relative path from the azuremediaplayer.min.js file as shown below

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
<script src= "//"></script>

We hope Azure Media Player will continue to grow and evolve as time progresses to help individuals and business to deliver rich and compelling cloud applications.

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