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Azure CDN Adds Support for Custom Origin

Microsoft has added support for Custom Origin for Azure CDN. Prior to the addition of this feature, Azure CDN only provided support for a limited set of Azure Services such as Web Apps, Storage, Cloud Services and Media Services. However, with the introduction of this new feature, you will be able to create a CDN endpoint for any origin you like. As a developer, you will be able to create an origin in your own data center and those provided by third party cloud providers. Moreover, you will be able to create multiple endpoints for the same origin URL.

The introduction of Custom Origin Support for Azure CDN provides an ability to gain control over content management in addition to performance improvement since multiple host names can be used to access assets from the same origin.

You will be able to store content in any folder unlike the previous release which required /cdn/ as the default path.



You can use URL similar to to retreive content from your origin.

Azure CDN Adds Support for Custom Origin

Manling Zhang, Program Manager, Azure Media Services has also disclosed that a new icon named “Manage CDN” has been added in the Azure portal. However, more information about the features will be disclosed later.

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