Airtel 4G – Experience Mind Blowing Internet Connectivity

Nowadays, we have various companies in India who provide a wide range of telecom products and mobile services to suit the requirements of customers. Airtel is a leading and trusted telecommunications company in India. They provide services all over India which include landline and broadband. Bloggers and tech enthusiasts choose Airtel since they are superior to the services provided by other competing companies.

Gone are days where you need to wait for long hours to access mobile apps or to complete shopping using 2G and 3G. Airtel 4G has been launched in various cities in India, which provides mobile broadband Internet to laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices. Airtel 4G also enables you to perform a wide range of tasks such as IP telephony, gaming, video conferencing, 3D television in addition to cloud computing. You can upload huge document files to your favorite cloud storage location within seconds.

Airtel 4G

Airtel 4G helps users to complete all the required tasks very easily. The service will be very useful for people who download large number of files such as authors and editors since they can download various items quickly. Moreover, users will be able to upload files very fast. The 4G make use of advanced fiber optic technology, which enable service providers to provide Internet connectivity at great speeds.

Airtel 4G will be very useful for those users who frequently engage in video conferencing. You can make use of SKype (available within Windows) to chat with your customers, friends and relatives using Webcam directly from your laptop.

Airtel 4G will be useful for students since they will be able to gather information from search engines very quickly. The students will be able to retrieve information from the web as soon as they hit the search button.

Airtel 4G services will be a good choice for bloggers since they can compose and edit content very fast directly from their mobile or tablet. If you watch e-learning courses from the web, you should purchase Airtel 4G plan since it will enable you to complete the courses quickly without any lags.

I know about few laptops which has a separate slot for 3G and I hope 4G will be backwards compatible. If this is correct then users will be able to insert Airtel 4G SIM card to the laptop and work without any strain.

From my point of view, Airtel 4G will be an optimal choice for medical professionals since it will help them to download large amount of data from the web quickly. Moreover, hospitals can make use of the 4G service to interact with medical professionals abroad without any lags.

Nowadays, tech enthusiast and gadget lovers are busy shopping on the Internet. Airtel 4G enables you to complete shopping as soon as you checkout from the relevant shopping system.

Airtel 4G is not expensive at all. You will not believe the news that a 3GB plan is priced at Rs 999, which will be suitable for beginners who would like to perform numerous tasks such as browsing, email and a bit of shopping as well. If you are a heavy user, you should opt for higher plans such as 5GB, 7GB and 15GB as per your requirements.

Airtel 4G Pricing

In order to get start with Airtel 4G, you need access to

  • 4G enabled mobile device
  • 4G SIM
  • 3G data pack

I have seen the official TVC of Airtel 4G and I am really excited and surprised to view the speed it offers. I think I will be able to upload all files and folder from the WordPress package within 5 minutes.

As of the time of this writing, Airtel 4G is only available in selected cities. I am sure Airtel will be working hard to expand the 4G connectivity to all major cities in India. I will make sure to purchase 4G SIM as soon as it is launched in my city.

Airtel 4G Cities

I am unable to wait to experience the real speed of Airtel 4G.You can place a request for a free 4G SIM card on the official website.

Airtel 4G will be superior to 2G and 3G. If you are reside in any of the cities where Airtel currently offers its latest 4G connectivity, you should purchase a plan immediately to visualize the real benefit of the service.

Airtel 4G is all set to revolutionize the way in which you interact with your mobile. You will be able to perform more tasks efficiently and effectively without wasting valuable time.

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