Digital India – A Way to Faster Growth

E-Governance accelerates the progress of development through effective use of information technology. It not only increases productivity of employees and creates a transparent environment but also enable people to avail Government services quickly without any need to travel to the relevant offices.

A classic example of E-Governance through technology is the implementation of LPG booking via SMS. Previously, we used to call the relevant distributor and provide consumer number in order to book LPG cylinders. But now we can book cylinders by sending a SMS. People will be able to perform and track all activities involved with LPG booking with the help of computers and portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Seeding Aadhaar with LPG number will quicken the processing and ultimately benefit the customer. E-Governance needed regular updates to user interfaces to enable consumers to complete the task quickly. Similarly, voter identity card can be linked with Aadhaar and mobile numbers to avoid malpractice and help genuine voting process.

E-Governance enables people to obtain and renew Passports through the Internet without visiting relevant office. Moreover, payments for annual income tax returns may be made via online and final return documents can be submitted by E-filing route.

With the help of E-Governance initiatives undertaken by the Government, it is now possible to place request for new telephone connections, modify existing connections and other activities without visiting BSNL customer service center. However, this facility should be extended all over India including remote villages.

Kerala Government has successfully implemented IT@School project where students and teachers make effective use of Information Technology to learn and teach lessons. Victers television channel is a classic example of bringing classroom to drawing room.

E-Governance helps Government departments to reduce carbon waste and also to provide speedy services to general public. Public will be able to view the status of their requests on the web since data retrieval is seamlessly easy. Moreover, the status of each request will be communicated via SMS, thus simplifying the efficiency of people.

Government should pump more investment to increases security of data stored on the server. The backup mechanism should work effectively since the servers are liable to fail at any point of time. Moreover, Government and local bodies should train people in remote villages so that they can also benefit from the various E-Governance related activities in the quest to create Digital India.

Similarly, all important personal documents may be saved through dedicated #DigitalIndia data bank. As part of this program, Department of Electronics has recently launched beta version of a portal exclusively for storing Aadhaar.

E-Governance will definitely simplify the life style of people but both state and central Governments should take effective steps to spread awareness among people.

I am sure fulfilment of various Government related services through digital mode is poised for a thumping growth, thus realizing the vision 2020 dream of our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.



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