Web Deployment Made Easy with Azure Resource Manager and DocumentDB

The Azure Resource Manager has been updated to enable creation of reusable deployment templates and configuration of multiple Azure resources. Developers will be able to create an Azure DocumentDB account, Azure website in addition to deployment of an application to the website using a single deployment command. You can also automatically configure the website with the DocumentDB account connection information.

Microsoft released two sample Azure Resource Manager templates. The first template enables you to deploy and configure DocumentDB, an Azure Website and a web application by running a single Azure PowerShell command. This template will be useful if you would like to get start with DocumentDB and also to quickly create a working website sample as shown below.

Azure Resource Manager

The second template enable you to deply and configure a DocumentDB account and an Azure Website, surfacing the DocumentDB account connection information to the Website in the form of application settings, but does not include a sample web application.

Azure Resource Manager Template

As a developer, you will be able to know the steps required to automatically provision and integrate an Azure Website with DocumentDB.

Stephen Baron, Program Manager, Azure DocumentDB has published a detailed article which examines the deployment of DocumentDB and an Azure Website using an Azure Resource Manager Template.

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