Steps Required To Maintain Good Health – #ApneTareekeSeHealthy – Part 1

Firstly, health and fitness are very important in our daily lives. You should maintain good health to perform various work from morning to evening. If your health is not well from morning onwards, then you will lose interest for the day. For example, if you got a headache in morning, then you will find it very difficult to complete all the activities scheduled for the entire day. You will feel restless coupled with drowsiness and sleepy mood. In the first part of the series, I will examine how you should maintain your health to achieve success throughout the day.

Newspaper reading

Sometimes, you will get neck pain and headaches if you read newspapers early morning. I would always prefer to read newspapers during the evening. However, you can just go through the important content by standing and reading the newspaper. The discomfort will happen because of the small font in newspapers. You should follow this approach if you are Myopic and wear glasses.

Healthy Breakfast

To maintain proper fitness, you need to take healthy breakfast such as Idli, Dosa, Uppuma or Kerala-based Puttu. You should also consume vegetables such as carroty, ladies finger, cucumber and other along with the breakfast. If you skip breakfast, the acid will produce inside the stomach resulting in pain. You will not be able to concentrate on your work. I highly suggest you not to take coconut-based food products during the morning if you have a sensitive stomach. Normally, four pieces of Idli will be sufficient for healthy life until lunch time.

Plenty of water

You should drink one glass of water at regular intervals. For example, if you complete the breakfast at 9 AM, you should drink water every one hour. I would suggest you drink mild hot water (boiled for 30 seconds sharp) to avoid throat troubles.

Proper lunch

You should make it a habit to have your lunch before 1.30PM. However, you should not take lunch early. The perfect time is between 12.45 to 1.15PM. You should consume rice along with Sambar, dal, and curd as well. I would recommend you to have liquid buttermilk instead of thick curd. You can have curd once in three days a week. This will avoid fat accumulation. You should not eat fried foods along with lunch on a daily basis because the oil content will affect your life to a great extent.

You should maintain a strict pattern from morning to lunch time to experience a pleasant lifestyle. In this next part, I will examine few more points to maintain proper health.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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