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Book Review: The Disconnected Vibes

The Disconnected Vibes

This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program.

The Disconnected Vibes is a recently released ebook authored by the Delhi-based blogger Vibhu Vaibhav Gaur as part of the #BlogchatterEbook program. The Disconnected Vibes consists of around 45 pages of content divided into two parts. The first part includes several short stories related to life, job, tolerance and much more. The second part provides a list of poems penned exclusively by the author for the book.

The first chapter examines the usefulness of life and for what purpose we live. The author also mentions what we should do when life is in a depressed state. Do you want to know how life is gift wrapped? Download the book now and find it out. The second chapter is small and it talks about happiness.

If you are tired after strenuous work and busy schedules, you should read Chapter 3 to find out how you can chill out. The author talks about the steps required to reboot life. In the next chapter, the author reveals how to ease the tension by interacting with nature.

Vibhu continues his ‘The Disconnected Vibes” journey with a short chapter about the life of an atheist. He also outlines who he worships every day. Chapter 6 gives a strong message about the purpose of real life. You will know what can be done to help other people. There are several things that you can do while on the go and the author has examined them in detail.

Chapter 7 examines the concept of 15-day rule and the overall self-assessment of productivity. He also delves deep on the fact that each individual is unique and why you should not compare with others. If you are capable, you will win even without comparing the activities being performed by your friends and relatives.

The next chapter talks about the expectations the author had in life, what he achieved and much more. Chapter 9 helps you to know about the importance of Education. The remaining chapter covers the idea of keeping yourself busy in addition to the difference between two important terms. If you have a negative mindset, you can ease them by reading Chapter 12.

The author has examined the real importance of organ donation in Chapter 13. The author has clearly understood the real value of life by dedicating a chapter for this topic.

Part 2 is all about a list of poems authored by Vibhu. You will not find them anywhere else other than this book and you have to read them to experience the feel. Hence, you should download “The Disconnected Vibes” immediately before the book goes out of stock.

In addition to the content, the cover page of “The Disconnected Vibes” book looks excellent and syncs well with the content. I would appreciate if the author increases the font size of the content to avoid eye strain.

I would recommend the “The Disconnected Vibes” to all avid readers who would like to explore the value of life in depth. You will understand the usefulness of several works that you can do to achieve happiness in life.

The poems listed in the book speaks for itself and you have to read them to know more about the world. Vibhu is an emerging popular author based in New Delhi. You can follow him on social media and the relevant links are provided inside the ebook.

This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program.

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