Getting Started with WordPress Blogging

Imagine, you finished your college degree such as B.Tech but unable to get any job. You should not sit idle since it doesn’t serve any real purpose. You can try alternative jobs such as Blogging. At this point of time, your parents and relatives would sometimes ask you what this Blogging is all about since they are only aware of MNC companies such as TCS, Infosys etc.

You can earn whole lot of money with Blogging if you can tap into the right niche. Before launching a blog, you need to select a topic area, which you are aware of. If you are good at programming, you can launch an article/tutorial centric blog. If you love gadgets, you can launch a tech blog with news and reviews of new gadgets.

Domain Registration

Th next step is to register a domain name and purchase a web hosting package. Nowadays, domain name registrations are tricky since almost all leading names are already grabbed by your competitors. However, domain registrars provide suggestions which will help you to pick a correct domain name.

Web Hosting

You will find plenty of web hosting providers on the web. However, you should choose a provider like HostGator who provide reliable services. As soon as you purchase a web hosting package, you need to pick a blogging script. WordPress is a popular blog script with an overall market share of 70%. IF you would like to purchase Windows hosting, you can choose Arvixe.

Linux or Windows

WordPress requires Linux hosting. Windows hosting is also compatible but you need to do more work such as configuration of friendly URLs etc. Shared hosting provided by HostGator India will be sufficient.

Blogging Frequency

You should publish blog posts once in every week to increase rankings in search engine. Over the period of time, your blog will become popular.

WordPress Blog

Required Eseentials

WordPress can be expanded with free themes and plugins. However, you will find plenty of plugins on the official WordPress database. How will you know which are the required plugins?

WordPress Plugins

I will helpĀ assistance with the installation of themes and all the required plugins. Please check out the final section to find it out.

Social Media

You should make sure to socialize your blog posts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest using relevant hashtags for increased visibility.

Earn Revenue with your Blog

You can earn a considerable amount of income every month even if you work with companies. You can find time during weekends to write blog posts. Even cookery blogs will fetch you good income. I will discuss how you can earn revenue through your blog in an upcoming article.

Ultimate Service

WordPress should be installed properly. If you don’t know how to install WordPress leave it to me. I have expertise in WordPress blog installation. You just need to purchase a shared Linux or Windows hosting package from HostGator India or Arvixe and contact me at anandn @

This includes free installation of WordPress or any other script, a free premium theme and all the required plugins in addition to free guidance.

Note: This post contains affliate links. I will get small amount of commission if you purchase hosting using the links, which will be used for running this site.

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