Windows 10 update KB 3124200 Corrupts Microsoft Edge, Outlook, Windows Store, Maps and File Explorer

If you are running a stable installation of Windows 10 then you need to wait little more time to install latest Windows 10 cumulative update, KB 3124200 which was dropped last week.

There are reports that the latest update would fix issues related to WiFi connection dropouts but users who have installed the update are running into several problems.

KB 3124200 reportedly corrupts all Microsoft Word customizations, including custom templates, AutoText, macros, envelope addresses, autocorrect and AutoFormat settings.

The update also revert back any custom spell check options you may have stored. The problem is so serious that Microsoft had to publish a knowledge base article (KB 3129969) about the steps required to fix this issue.

Windows 10 update KB 3124200

If you install latest update, it will automatically rename the old file where information was stored to one of the several names such as Normal.dotm.old, NormalPre, NormalPre15, NormalOld or OldNormal.

Analysts has also raised significant question over the way in which Microsoft has published an article to resolve the problem. has posted a list of problems users encountered with the latest update of Windows 10

  • Edge browser refusing to close
  • Explorer, Outlook 2016 and Calculator all refusing to start
  • Windows Store, Calendar and Maps applications all refusing to run

Hence, just don’t jump to install new updates as and when Microsoft releases it. You should navigate to the web to find if any user has encountered any issues. It would be better if you install new updates after 2 weeks from the official release date so that your system will get error free updates.

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