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Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to remember for every lover. I would love to wait for the beautiful day to initiate a proposal to my lover, Dhanya.

We know each other ever since I saw her when she came to learn computer course at the institution I was working. I think this will be convenient for both of us. I was just waiting for the day, which is the ultimate day for me to propose her.

I had taught her basics of computer including office packages and she has a pleasant smile which attracted me a lot. She used to smile at me whenever I used to saw her.

I was only a good friend of her till I made up my mind to express my intention to express my sincere love.

First, I would make sure that my lover is in good spirits. I would take her to a movie and will ask her as to which movie she would like to see because I don’t want her to see a movie which is not happy and comfortable with. I will also buy her coffee and chocolates to keep her impressed.

I will ask her to come to a place which is more comfortable and pleasant. In fact I will ask names of few places like cafe coffee day, dreams etc. I will then drop her to her house around 5 PM itself and request her to be ready at around 9 AM.

On the beautiful Valentine’s Day, I along with my lover, Dhanya will visit a nearby temple. I will then ask her to sit on the temple premises so that we both can get some fresh air.

Since we both know each other, I will talk about things which are suitable to her. I will also try to argue with her in case I object to her views.

I will then take her to a coffee shop and sit in a place where there are not much people so that I can talk to her privately. I don’t know what will her reaction after I propose to her. Hence, I will talk to her things which she likes. She knows about cinema. I will ask her about the latest releases and how they performed in box office.

After some time, I along with my lover, Dhanya will visit ponmudi which is a popular hill station. I already booked a small cottage so that we can talk freely. I along with Dhanya check-in and enter the room.

As soon as I close the door, I will put my hands over her shoulder and watch her eyes closely. I want to view her smile.  As I mentioned above Dhanya’s smile is so pleasant and cute that I will be forced to watch her continuously.

I will then ask her to sit alongside me on the bed. I will slowly touch her hands, fold her fingers and touch her beautiful legs. I will then express my feelings like as mentioned below.

We both know each other for several months. We both know about our respective strength and weakness. I would like to have a partner who knows me very well so that life will be happy.

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