Use of Smartphone in our Daily Life

What is the most important thing in your life? A thing which is always with you, which goes with you to work, goes with you on your business meetings, on trips, at home, and sometimes even in your sleep. It is your connection to the world at large. Perhaps, you have guessed it already? If no, then the answer to this childishly non rhyming riddle is: smartphone. It may gal us to accept that it is the most important thing in our world, but the truth is that it is. So, have you ever wondered how the humanity generally uses it? Let us explore.

The Outreach of the Smartphone Platform

But, before that let us just go through a couple of figures to understand what percentage of population does it affect? The current mobile users in the world stand at 1.4 billion. Compare that to around 7.1 billion people in the world and that is almost equal to 20% of the world population. The world is of course further divided into the developed and the developing one. The percentage of smartphone users in the developed world is greater than the developing world. So, obviously a higher number of people are using smartphones there.

The number of mobile device users in the world is set to exceed beyond 7.7 billion this year. Mobile devices include Tablets and Smartphones. That is a phenomenal figure.

But, what do we use it for and how do we use it?

Smartphone Uses

Well, for most of us its calls, messages, email, and access to our social media pages. In short, it is our connection with the world at large. When was the last time that you used your laptop or desktop computer to search for something casual online? How often do you access Facebook alone during the day? And where do you access it?

And we haven’t even come to the gaming community yet. Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the gaming industry. This has led to an increase in casual 2 minute games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, etc.

Usage Patterns

But, here are the interesting facts about the whole setup in our dear ole USA:

How much time do you spend looking at your screen all day long? If you calculate it then it will come out to be an average of 3.3 hours. Even if that is not the case, that is the average amount of time people spend using their smartphones. This is twice the amount of time we spend eating and 1/3rd the time we spend sleeping.

75% of Americans bring their phones to the Bathroom. After all, that is the best time to think, right? This is the ideal time to play candy crush and catch up on some news. Or you could use this to plan your day. The possibilities are just endless.

And $1.1 billion of mobile payment transactions occur every day. Out of these users, one in four will use coupons to save some money. The amount of money saved using coupons through mobile is just massive and in excess of $5 million according to some estimates.

What does this all mean? First of all you are not alone in holding your smartphone dear. And secondly, as the technology advances even further, its usage is only going to increase. So we have some interesting times ahead. If you don’t own one yet, maybe it is time you start considering the option.

But, if you find all the figures confusing, then we have another way of presenting them. Just go through the following infographic:

Use Of Smartphone in Our Daily Life

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