Book Review: Unlikely Tails

Sometimes, we don’t have time to read a lengthy novel. Hence, short stories are interesting to read during spare time. It is difficult to find a good quality short story book in the competitive world. The Unlikely Tails┬áis a collection of short stories by Mani Padma, who is a well-known author among the community.

The book consists of 17 chapters spanning 140 pages. After a short introduction, the author begins with a story named Prince Charming. The author talks about a fairy Godmother and also talks about an item which you use daily. You will learn the activities carried out during the end of the day.

I would love to read short stories separated by day and the second chapter examines eight days of hectic lifestyle surrounding few persons. I am not disclosing the name of the person in question here. Let it be a suspense. The story talks about a stuff which he got when he needed it. A major twist happened on Day 8 and the reason for the incident is indeed shocking. The whole story is written in a crispy format in a gripping style.

The next chapter talks about how to lead a life in harmony and it revolves around places such as Manali and Dalhousie. Towards the end, the author discusses a person who did something for the first time. Will it be a miracle? You have to read the story to find it out.

The story 4 explores the length and breadth of the relationship of a family and it begins with a big quarrel between father and a daughter. The story centers around Devraj, Rana including a police officer from a nearby police station.

The fifth story delves deep into an escort service. The twist is that the person in question avoided his life partner and dialed somewhere else. The broken heart story talks about a lady who is in her 40s and the content is a bit longer than the previous one. If you would like to know how to work with your partner, then the next story is a must-read.

The vegetable vendor appears on the picture followed by a breakfast. Does a newspaper with a stunning ad appears in the story? You have to find it out yourselves. The next two stories delve deep into depression and the need to have confidence including the necessity to face challenges based on the changes happening in the life.

The story 14 examines the love story and the women accept the fact that her husband and his secretary were having an affair. He says that his secretary is the best women. Do you think whether she had accepted this fact? This stuff appears to be a true love story with his friend doing a desperate act.

A concrete plan is essential to achieve success in life. However, something different happened during the middle as she was not aware of the place they are traveling to. The final story is all about nine RAS and the whole plot is too intriguing and toxic that you will continue to read forever.

The Unlikely Tails will be useful for readers who would like to read advanced short stories. The book is a deal breaker for readers who are fed up with reading lengthy novels.

The paper quality of the Unlikely Tails book is excellent and is definitely not like others standard novels. Moreover, the title looks like a true library book with cover. You will be able to easily read the book because of the large font size. That said, the book is highly expensive when compared to standard novels. However, I hope that short story addicts will have something to cheer from the content.

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