Turning Visitors into Conversions with Broadleaf Offers and Promotions

Broadleaf Commerce, the eCommerce platform solution provider for enterprise commerce brands, will be hosting a live demonstration of the platform’s offers and promotions engine on December 15 at 10am CST.

The web event, ‘Turning Visitors into Conversions with Broadleaf Offers and Promotions’, will feature the steps required to create tailored offers, including offers targeted at promoting customer loyalty programs, and exhibit heightened marketing capabilities designed to expedite and simplify on-site marketing efforts.

‘Turning Visitors into Conversions with Broadleaf Offers and Promotions’ will demonstrate how Broadleaf’s offers and promotions engine can be used to fulfill the following tasks.

  • Create simple offers such as free shipping, discounted items, BOGO
  • Target customers by adding a loyalty field and building a customer segment
  • Deliver offers via a code or URL
  • Promote offers
  • Stack and combine offers

Brian Polster, President, Broadleaf Commerce

Offers and promotions needs vary for each business and, like anything in Broadleaf, our offers engine can be extended and customized to fit those needs. Marketers and merchandisers using Broadleaf will discover how easy it is to create targeted offers and build their customer loyalty programs.

The upcoming webinar will also provide a glimpse of Broadleaf’s recently re-designed administrative interface.

“The new design offers several new features, including a fully redesigned hierarchical category lookup and enhanced asset management capabilities,” stated Jon Fleschler, Senior Software Engineer at Broadleaf Commerce. “These features, along with many others, help streamline the administration experience within Broadleaf.”

Broadleaf will release the new UI before the end of March 2015.

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