Top 5 General Knowledge Books

Nowadays, General Knowledge is important to crack competitive examinations. If you are preparing for competitive exams like UPSC Civil Services, you should refer to General Knowledge books that are published by several publishing houses. In this article, we will examine Top 5 General Knowledge Books that you can buy right now.

Manorama Year Book 2023

Manorama Year Book 2023 is one of the most popular Top 5 General Knowledge Books available in India. The book covers current affairs, news, articles, and much more. Manorama Year Book 2023 is a perfect companion for UPSC, Kerala PSC, Tamil Nadu PSC, SSC, Banking exams, and much more. The book is widely available in Paperback format via both online and offline retail stores. You can also purchase Manorama Yearbook 2021 and Manorama Yearbook 2022.

Hachette Children’s Yearbook and Infopedia 2024

Hachette Children’s Yearbook and Infopedia 2024 is a popular book covering all facts related to General Knowledge in a unique way. The company publishes the book every year and is best suitable for kids. Hachette Children’s Yearbook and Infopedia 2024 are packed with essential information, facts, notable events, and insights. The Hachette Children’s Yearbook covers national/international news, iconic individuals, historical hotspots, space, science, sports, literature, and much more. The publisher has updated the book with G20 summit information, Olympics 2024, Chandrayaan-3 mission, Election 2024 curtain raiser, and AI. The book is available on Amazon.

Oswaal General Knowledge Handbook

Oswaal General Knowledge Handbook is available below Rs 100 on Amazon. The book provides complete coverage of General Knowledge and politics including the presentation of complex data in a simplified tabular format.

Rapidfire General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2024

Rapidfire General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2024 is published by Disha Publishers. The book is available at a budget price. The publisher has completely updated the book based on the latest current affairs. The Rapidfire General Knowledge book blends a correct mix of GK coupled with current affairs. However, the current affairs are covered only till February 2023. In addition to General Knowledge, you should also check out Daniel Pennac’s Reader’s Bill of Rights, which examines the rights of the book lovers and reviewers. You will find 200+ current affairs practice questions in one liner format and 100+ current affairs past questions PYQs in one-liner format. The publisher has provided a panoramic view of India and the world including quick recap of General Studies History, Polity, Geography, Economy, General science, Environment, Communications, Transport, Art, Culture, and much more.

Disha’s World Year Book 2023

Disha’s World Year Book 2023 is a popular book among Civil Service exam aspirants. The book provides an accurate, consistent, and reliable source of information globally. The book has been authored in a simple tone and provides comprehensive coverage of country-wise data with supported facts and figures. The yearbook also provides information about History, Technology, Environment, Sports, Awards and much more. You will find coverage of all International Organizations such as UN, World Bank, WHO, and much more.

Scholastic Yearbook 2024

Scholastic Yearbook 2024 is a popular book among kids and general readers. The book comprises of quizzes, projects, and other vital information in a cartoon style. You will find historical timelines, fun facts, and trending news from across the world. The publisher has covered major events, popular awards, India/World political round-ups, sports, environment, science, space, entertainment, and much more.

In addition to the above-mentioned books, you can also purchase the Competition Success Review Yearbook. If you are unaware Competition Success Review is the oldest publishing house based in New Delhi. Their books are used by students of all generations including the current Civil Service officers.

We hope you now have an idea as to which Top 5 General Knowledge Books you would like to purchase. You will find additional books if you navigate to the Amazon Books landing page.

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