Top 2 Blogging Scripts

Blogging requires lot of passion and dedication. The first step is to register a domain name and purchase a shared hosting package. However, you should seriously select a blogging script which you will use for building the site. If you made a wrong decision after your blog has gained popularity then it will be difficult to migrate. In this article, I will explore two popular blogging scripts.


WordPress is an extremely popular blogging script. It was initially created for blogging purposes. However, companies and individuals are making use of WordPress as a Content Management System. This means you will not be able to visualize the blog/site as created using WordPress. However, the adminstrator will completely manage the site from with WordPress dashboard.

If you make use of WordPress, you will be able to make use of tons of plugins and themes available on the official WordPress site or those developed by third party companies.


WordPress is a PHP based blogging script. Hence, it works in both Linux and Windows servers. In order to leverage the full potential of WordPress, you should host your blog in Linux servers.

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If you love .NET Framework and ASP.NET, DotNetBlogEngine will be an ideal choice. The script will not work under Linux servers. It can be easily installed without a database. You can host your blog without a database. However, the quantity of extensions and themes are limited.

Our Choice – WordPress

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