Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Love based fiction novels are always a good read either for serious or casual readers. India’s award winning novelist, Ravi Subramanian is back with an exciting action thriller, The Bestseller She Wrote.

The sub title of the novel reads love, betrayal and redemption. This means there will be initially love and may be intimate scenes and related issues. After that there will be cheating. This happens is almost old generation films where hero dumps the lover after falling in love for 5 or 6 months. Finally, there will be a compromise.

The story revolves around Aditya Kapoor and Shreya Kaushik. While Aditya is a banker by profession and a bestselling author, Shreya is young, bold and beautiful.

The main plot begins at IIM, Bangalore where the speaker makes an announcement that the guest is speaking to someone named Diro. If you read through the book, you will find plenty of interesting moments.

In chapter 4, the author talks about how Aditya and Shreya communicate each other with various latest gadgets. It seems that lovers are actively using iPad and Blackberry devices.

The Bestseller She Wrote

Shreya wrote something cool to Aditya and she discloses how he got his email id. You will also find so many other characters like Sanjay, Vani, Maya and others who come into the picture.

In Page 92, the author shares how intimate Sherya is. The author points out about her beauty and this was a most exciting chapter to read. The next chapter is bit long and so many characters come into picture. If you would like to know about an interesting Q&A turn to Page 102.

Chapter 27 is too long and it requires huge patience to read. The remaining chapters examine various characters and what they have done to tackle the ice between Aditya and Shreya.

In Chapter 69 (Pages 290 – 293), you will be able to view a table where the author provides list of instances as to how Aditya was involved in plagiarism. Aditya seems to have copied content from various sources with the exact content. The rest of the chapters examine how the various characters dealt with Aditya.

You will be able to know about an automated tweet which was send from Aditya’s twitter handle in page 344.

Something occured in The kemps corner crossword and you can know the turn of events in page 346. Do you want to know what occurred after 30 minutes? Then turn to page 349.

The entire turn of events took a surprise at 6.30 PM. You can know about it in page 358 but be prepared for a long read. You can make use of handy bookmark to go for a break in between.

Maya was watching an event on live streaming with tears. Do you want to know the reason for the tears? Navigate to chapter 84 in page 384 to know about it.

The book ends with an epilogue where author opens the pandora box. The entire book is like a masala dosa where several characters come and goes. However, the story was gripping with so many twists and turns.

The paper quality and smell of the book were good and better than other competing titles. As usual, the writing style of Ravi Subramanian is very good and lucid. However, I would prefer to see more simplicity in few pages where I found it difficult to grasp the real fact of the story.

You require more time to read this novel than Ravi’s previous titles. You can finish reading the book in several days depending upon your grasping capability.

I highly recommend The Bestseller She Wrote for those readers who love to read fictions authored by a highly capable novelist in India.

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