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Telerik TeamPulse R1 2015 Adds Cross Project Relation Support

Telerik TeamPulse R1 2015 has been released with support for cross project relation. You will be able to link and relate work items to better define dependencies between items in different projects. It also enables you to keep track of projects in a single  boards view, which allows you to quickly spot blocking issues, such as items with the status “blocks” and “blocked by.”

Telerik TeamPulse R1 2015 also enables you to navigate to specific work items in all projects to which you have access. The latest release enabls you to associate Subversion (SVN) commit information relevant to each TeamPulse work item, which inturn gives you insight to related code changes in Subversion and quick access to the current status of every project.

Telerik TeamPulse R1 2015 includes Burndown report, which is designed to compare the actual and estimated amount of work the team needs to complete. Moreover, it also has a brand new look with data presented more clearly.

With the help of work item status history report, you will be able to review and analyze how many items are added/in progress/done for a specific period of time.

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