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Technology is emerging rapidly. We have to make sure that we follow the best practices in the design, implementation and promotion of technology and associated digital products. Moreover, Government of India is involved in spreading Digital India initiative in both urban and rural areas.

The events conducted by emerging world leaders like SAP deserves appreciation because participants will be able to know the latest emerging tips and techniques to digitalize various fields. The participants will also get a unique opportunity to view the demo of various inventions and talk with its creators directly. The recently held TEDx Gateway event explored the various techniques involved with technology, engineering, and design. The attendees had an exciting opportunity to watch the inspiring speeches and innovative demonstrations by experts in the respective fields.

Eric Ju Yoon Kim, CEO, Dot talked about the various benefits of the Braille watch. His talk evoked a great response from the audience.


Eric is the developer of the world’s first Braille watch, which enables blind people to read real-time smartphone data in Braille language.

Braille ‘dot’ smartwatch developed for blind people

Mr. Eric Ju Yoon Kim & Mr. Danny Cabrera speaking at Simulcast of TEDx Gateway at BSE

Anirudh Sharma demonstrated the power of augmented reality in shaping the economic situation by making effective use of human behavior, aesthetics, design, and technology.Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Railways shared his views on the steps that need to be taken to empower people participation in Railways.

Rives is an American poet and storyteller shared his best-known poems like Kite and Mockingbird. He demonstrated how the poems can be rendered differently every time. Kanav Kahol demonstrated simulation and games applications used for training, education in addition to social networking tools.

Technology has been aggressively implemented in the field of Space and is evident with the launch of several communication satellites. Ritu Karidhal, ISRO scientist presented an excellent talk on the various aspects of Mars Orbiter Mission. She also talked about the benefits of the mission.

Andrew Nemr, who is an award-winning tap dancer, presented the various techniques to excel in the dance field. Nicki Wells, popular singer demonstrated the latest techniques used to improve melody and vocal singing.

Some of the other speakers who spoke at TEDx event include Nitin Sawhney, Danny Cabrera, Raghu Raman, Benedetta Berti, Dilip Ratha and the mariner Siddharth Chakravarty.

Digitalist Magazine by SAP explores the tips and techniques involved with design and implementation of technology. The magazine will be very useful for individuals interested in innovation, design, and technology who would like to redefine their company to adapt to the latest challenges in the digital economy.


The Digitalist magazine which is available for download from Google Play Store (Android devices) and Apple Store (iOS) consist of ideas, insights and inputs which lead to digital transformation.

The app features opportunity matrix and under the radar trends, profiles of disruptive companies and technologies including interviews with popular thinkers who make a difference in the field of technology and business.

Digitalist app for iOS devices requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

In order to read the Digitalist Magazine, you need to install the app, select the issue and download an edition which you need to read. You will be able to read the content after you download the magazine.

The Q4 2015 edition features how agility in the digital economy depends on relationships with people. It includes interview with Steven Kotler who is the bestselling journalist. Towards the end of the magazine, you will learn the difference between perception and reality in addition to concepts such as Microculture and Crowdsource.


TEDx is an excellent event if you would like to learn the latest trends adopted technological and digital world in various fields. The event was broadcasted live over the web to help those people who are unable to attend the event.


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