Refreshing Memories of 2015 – #TalesOf2015 – Part 2

My laptop is around 9 years old. I wanted to replace it with a new Windows 10 laptop. However, I keep on postponing the purchase due to various reasons. My mind used to say that I need to wait for a better deal.

In 2016, I want to stop this attitude and would like to finish the purchase as soon as possible so that I can concentrate on my blogging work instead of navigating e-commerce websites on a daily basis.

My shelf is cluttered with gadgets, books, magazine, dictionaries and other items. I never had an opportunity to clean them in 2015. Right now, I am unable to take a particular item from the shelf. This is because if I take one item then the entire items will fall on the floor.

Hence, I am planning to complete the cleaning process by throwing away unnecessary items and arranging all the books including magazines in such a way that I can access them whenever required.

I have a huge collection of DVDs which I collected over the long period of time. My resolution for 2016 is to arrange them clearly inside DVD holders. I had already purchased a set of four holders for this purpose.

My resolution for 2016 is to change the smartphone that I am using. This is because I am unable to hear the voices on the other side.

I had to request the opposite person to repeat. I think this is a bad idea and need to change this attitude. Hence, I am planning to switch over to Redmi Note smartphone on January 15, which is the auspicious Pongal day.

The year 2015 leaves behind a lot of unforgettable memories. There are no bad incidents but I have decided to be more responsible and aggressive. Moreover, I also want to complete all the work in a time bound manner by writing the deadlines on paper the paper sticky notes. I really don’t want any pending work at the end of the day.

Towards the end of 2015, I suffered from severe fever but I managed to work within 2 days. It’s difficult but my inner mind helped me to work well despite illness.

I hope 2016 will much more fruitful and productive. I expect 2016 to provide interesting and challenging opportunities than #TalesOf2015. I would love to accept challenges. If you can it is possible to achieve anything. Let’s move forward and work for the better future.

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