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Refreshing Memories of 2015 – #TalesOf2015 – Part 1

I had never thought 2015 will end faster. The year departed within a blink of an eye. But we have to accept the fact that time and tide wait for no man. I learned several lessons from the work I have done in 2015.

First, I learned to work as a responsible blogger. Blogging and writing are my full-time job for the last 14 years and I need to maintain some kind of discipline to carry forward the work on a daily basis.

I have decided not to disclose my work related activity to anybody including on the social media platforms like Twitter. Moreover, you should not communicate with persons indirectly. You should only establish contact with your manager or authorized person even if the job to be finished is urgent.

You should never try to post the question or request to any other person including social media. It may be a Saturday but you need to wait till Monday for your manager to turn up. If the work is confidential, you should not reveal it to your friends as well. However, you can disclose after the embargo period is over.

If your boss has given a PDF document with rules, you should follow them. Otherwise, you will have to work twice for a single project which will consume more precious time. I had to encounter this issue several times in 2015. Hence, I am now strictly following the guidelines included with every project.

Blogging is a time bound work. You should try to finish all the work within the specified time to maintain cordial relationships. For example, if you received a new book from Blogadda, you should publish the review within the specified time of 7 days. If you are not doing it, then you will not receive books from next time.

If you are unable to complete the review, you can email and seek more time to finish the review. I review products and used to publish them within few days of its receipt.

I really don’t like to stretch not only the work related to Blogadda but also any other projects till the last minute.

I had a great November in 2015 because I authored several articles. It was a big challenge but I worked hard to fulfil the objective. Time was short but I worked from 8 AM onwards to finish by 10 PM at night. The whole work lasted several days and it was an insightful experience for me in #TalesOf2015. I have decided to move ahead in the same vigour and energy in 2016.

In the second part of this series, I will explore more #TalesOf2015

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.

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