Story of a Writing Pen Search

Writing instruments such as Pens are essential for your daily home and office requirements. Imagine, you purchased a pen from somewhere and it fails during an important work such as examination time. You will have to face all consequences such as bargaining with a fellow student or teacher for Pens. That’s why you should purchase a pen manufactured by reliable companies.

Supriyan is my close friend since last several years. His Parker pen of a specified code name stopped functioning just 15 days before his IIT-JEE examination. He had used his pen to secure good marks in school examinations and other quiz competitions. He was bit sensitive and hence he felt that without his old pen he will not be able to good marks in the IIT entrance. He approached me and cried.

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I told him to go to various nearby stationary shops. He went to nearly dozen shops including a leading hyper market store but he was unable to locate his specific parker pen. I told him to change refill but the refill for the specified brand of Parker pen was not available anywhere.

I asked him to wait and not to panic since there are several online stores in India which sell quality pens. He kept on murmuring about how the pen functioned and he managed to get good marks.

I started to search Google for the list of ecommerce stores which sells pens. I also wanted to make sure to navigate only reliable sites since there are several fake sites. I quickly found a site which had several Parker pens. I was not aware about the brand name of Supriyan’s pen and hence I asked him to come closer to my desk so that he can clearly visualize the available pens.

Parker Vector Steel Ball Pen

Supriyan was surprised to see a wide range of Parker pens listed on the site. He screamed and smiled at me when he saw Parker Beta Premium Roller Ball Pen. He told me that he found his pen and would like to place an order. He told me that the God really saved him and he expressed happiness.

I told Supriyan that he will also get one free refill along with the Parker pen and hence he need not have to run across several offline shops when the original refill reaches the end of the life.

I quickly registered on the site and initiated the purchase process since my friend forgot to bring his banking details due to tension. I also telephoned and the customer service staff assured me that the product will be delivered on Monday, which is 10 days before his exams.

I ordered three set of pens. I told Supriyan that I am giving the pens as a special gift and he need not have to pay back any money to me. I also placed order for Cross Click Matte Black Roller AT0625-2 and Sheaffer Sentinel Pink Barrel Ball Pen 321BP pens since I found them not only attractive but also priced reasonably.

Supriyan telephoned me on Saturday and told me that he got his package two days before the scheduled arrival. I asked him about packing. He told me that he had never seen such a great packaging in his life.

The online shopping really saved Supriyan’s life and relieved tension before his examinations. I told him to concentrate on his studies since the examination is fast approaching. I also asked him to keep the remaining two pens in a safe place so that he can use them when required. Finally, Supriyan told me that he will buy all stationary items only from the site from where I purchased Parker pen for him.

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