Start Developing for Android by Chiu-Ki Chan

Start Developing for Android course by Pluralsight helps you to learn about the basic working of Android in addition to setting up your own development environment. You will also learn the steps required to build a Hello World app.

The first chapter helps you learn about the Android app in general. The next chapter examines the steps required to install Java Development Kit (JDK) and Android Studio. The author also examines how to build and run Hello World app.

The third chapter examines the various building blocks required for building an Android app suchy as Drawables, Dimens,Styles, Menu and Test.

The final chapter provides a detailed overview of few advanced topics which you should learnĀ  in order to build advanced Android apps.

Start Developing for Android course includes exercise files which you can download from the course page. Moreover, there is a discussion corner where you can ask questions which will be answered directly by the product team.

Start Developing for Android course has been authored by Chiu-Ki Chan who works as a mobile developer with a passion in speaking and teaching.

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