Book Review – Spring MVC Cookbook

Spring MVC Cookbook by Alex Bretet examines the concept of Spring MVC in 40 recipes. After reading the book, you will be able to create cloud-ready Java based web applications with Spring MVC.

The Spring MVC Cookbook is divided into 9 chapters divided into several sections. Chapter 1 provides the steps required to setup routine for an enterprise spring application. While chapter 2 examines the steps required to design a microservice architecture with Sprint MVC, Chapter 3 provides a detailed overview about Java persistence and entities.

If you would like to learn the process to build a REST API for a stateless architecture, you should navigate to Chapter 4. In chapter 5, you will learn the steps required to perform authentication with Spring MVC. The next chapter in Spring MVC Cookbook, meanwhile, helps you to grasp the nuances to implement HATEOAS resources.

The chapter 7 enables you to develop CRUD operations and validations including the steps required to communicate through WebSockets and STOMP. The last chapter in Spring MVC Cookbook provides the recipes , which enable you to test and troubleshoot Spring MVC applications.

The author has covered the topics in an uniform style. Each recipe topic begins with Getting ready with few lines of description, followed by a section named How to do it, which examines the concepts in step-by-step manner with screenshots. The author then deeply examines the code involved under the section How it works.

Finally, the author provides extra content under the heading There’s more. The beauty of  Spring MVC Cookbook is that the author examines all recipes under the same format. Hence, readers will find it easy to grasp the discussed content.

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