Sparkcentral Launches Facebook Messenger Support at F8 Event

Sparkcentral announced its integration with Facebook Messenger on the sidelines of the Facebook’s F8 conference in San Francisco. This enables Sparkcentral customers to deliver support through the massively popular chat app.

Sparkcentral is one of the first social customer service platforms to integrate directly with the Messenger platform, pulling all historic, threaded Messenger-based customer communications into the into Sparkcentral environment so care agents have the context they need, the moment they need it.

Commenting on the Facebook Messenger integration, Davy Kestens, CEO of Sparkcentral revealed that the science of customer relationships is simple – the value you get is proportionate to the value you give. Moreover, Facebook Messenger presents a frictionless, convenient way to get questions answered and issues resolved, and modern businesses know it pays to make things easy. Kestens, further disclosed that the company is eager to deliver customer care through this increasingly popular channel.

Moreover, messenger support extends Sparkcentral’s Facebook customer care offering, adding to existing support of public and private messages on Pages and Messenger, with the added benefit of showing user presence and structured content.

According to Sparkcentral, the integration with Facebook messenger is an important next step in delivering on its vision of providing proactive customer care, because it allows agents to be more contextually aware of their customer’s current circumstances, based on the threaded history already provided through Messenger.

Sparkcentral, meanwhile, stated that the customers will benefit from the ease and simplicity of Messenger support, powering rapid response times and quicker issue resolution, with all Messenger customer history provided to care agents.

With over 900 million monthly active users, Messenger has become one of the world’s most widely used messaging platforms and a major new channel for customers to communicate with and get support from businesses. Sparkcentral, being an official Facebook Marketing Partner, plans to make the integration available to its community of global brands.

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