Microsoft Developer Division Chief Soma Somasegar Quits After 27 Years of Service

Somasegar popularly known as Soma Somasegar joined Microsoft 27 years back as a software engineer after graduating from India. He was the brain behind the early releases of Windows. He was then deputed to head developer division when Visual Basic was launched. He continued to be a main force behind the development of several Visual Studio releases.

“Somasegar’s impending departure internally on October 8,” said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise. Guthrie said in the press note that Somasegar left the company to pursue the next phase of his career.

Soma Somasegar

Microsoft will likely appoint another top level executive soon and the company is working hard on its transition plan. Somasegar was in charge of the following projects at Microsoft

  • Developer tools and services
  • Programming languages and runtimes
  • Visual Studio
  • .Net Framework

Soma Somasegar was also responsible for the Cloud and Enterprise business Global Development Centers in China, India and Israel. He was the executive sponsor for these centers. He also envisaged the usage of open source processes and this resulted in the development of Visual Studio Express and Community editions. Somasegar also contributed to eight releases of Windows.

Soma Somasegar graduated from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, India and migrated to United States to pursue post graduation. He directly joined Microsoft after course completion and contributed to the development of Windows, Visual Studio and .NET Framework.

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