Top 5 Smart Devices You Should Not Miss – #SmartHomeRevolution

We are now living in a different world when you compare 10 years back. We never thought that the world will change smartly but it has indeed changed beautifully. The arrival of smart devices has given a ray of hope to tech enthusiasts. The main reason is that the devices and the companion accessories are developed to improve the daily lifestyle. With the help of smart devices, you can track your fitness levels and perform a wide range of tasks without using a separate computer. The huge surge in the voice-enabled devices helps you to complete the required tasks easily by giving the appropriate commands. In this article, we will explore the usefulness of top 5 smart devices that you should not miss to work upon daily.

Smart Speakers

The smart speakers enable you to perform the required task easily simply by voice. You just need to issue appropriate commands after the completion of the activation process. The Smart Home speaker will do the required job for you. The respective companies will help you to leverage more from the product by sending regular emails with the usage and commands. For instance, if you issue a command like “Play Latest Malayalam Songs”, the smart speaker will play the track from a cloud-enabled music service. There is no need to manually navigate to your PC and music players to play music. In the past, we used to listen to music. However, with the emergence of smart speakers, you can also ask the speaker to deliver news and other customized information. For instance, you can ask the flight status by providing the airline name and flight number.

Smart Wearables

Even though standard watches still exist, there is a rapid increase in smart wearable products in the form of fitness trackers, bands and smartwatches. You can now purchase fitness trackers easily at an affordable cost and keep track of your health. The Smart Wearable products will measure distance, calorie count, steps including the ability to track sleep. If you wear the tracker during sleep, the device will measure the total time you have sleep. The display will be touch-enabled and hence you just need to tap on it to activate the smart wearable. You can improve your lifestyle to a great extent since the wearables ships with sedentary reminder functionality using which you can stay active. The watch will generate alerts at periodic intervals to remind you to walk from the working desk in your quest to become #GetFitWithFlipkart. The end result is that you can prevent leg swelling as a result of prolonged sitting.

Smart Lights

The demand for smart lights has grown rapidly in online marketplaces. The beauty of Smart lights is that you can switch on the light from the place you are standing or sitting without manually pressing the switch. You just need to establish connectivity between the light and your smart home gadget. You can then switch on the light by invoking the command. It’s true that smart lights are costly but it gives true value for money because of the low power consumption. Moreover, smart lights will be useful for senior citizens since they can switch on the lights during night time easily.

Smart Camera

Technology has improved a lot over the past several years. You should note that crimes like theft also increased considerably. It is necessary to put a full stop to the growing thefts by making effective use of the Smart Camera. The main advantage of the smart camera is that you can track your house or office from anywhere in the world via the compatible app on your smartphone. The installation process won’t be easy but it gives you peace of mind in the long run.

Smart Scales

The measurement of body weight and other parameters are vital for growth. Nowadays, we have access to smart scales using which you can keep track of not only weight but also muscle mass, BMI, bone mass, body fat, and visceral fat easily. The data captured by the smart scale are synced to the smartphone via the companion app. You will be able to know the progress of your health in the form of raw data and graphs.


Going forward, the use of smart devices will most likely explode among not only tech-savvy people but also senior citizens and students. While smart speakers are useful for news and music listening, the smart wearables help you to keep fit. The smart light will help you to manage lights easily, while the smart camera helps you to keep intruders at bay. The smart devices will surely improve productivity since they perform all the required tasks with minimum effort from the part of the users. You only need stable Wi-Fi connectivity to work with smart devices. Moreover, the smart device promotes ease of living once you understood the usage. Why are you waiting for? Get Set Go with smart devices right now to not only explore #SmartHomeRevolution but also to enjoy a wonderful life.

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