Book Review: Six Degrees – An Amazing Tale by 30 Writers

Six Degrees is a collaborative work by bloggers around different parts of India. Bloggers, being writers themselves have shown huge sense of creativity blended with perfection to bring out something different. If you look at normal fiction based novels, you will be able to read the story written by one author. In the book “Six Degrees”, you can read different stories based on various characters written by several authors.

The Six Degrees book is divided into three sections. While the first section is titled as “The Awakening” and runs over 140 pages, the second section captioned “Entangled Lives” runs 170 pages. The final chapter with the title “Missing – A Journey Within” showcases the story of Roohi, who disappears from school all of a sudden.

The first section revolves around Tara, Shekhar and Roohi, who are located in a remote mansion near rural Mumbai. However, a series of incidents occur with the arrival of few new characters. I am not revealing the names here. You have to buy the book to know about the name of the characters. Let’s keep it as a surprise.

With new revelations and other unfortunate events, the life of the family has turned upside down. However, the section features an Easter egg in the form of a secret, which helps the family to come out of the darkness. During the course of the journey, you will find several new characters.

Do you want to know in which school Roohi is studying? You should turn to Page 29. In Page 33, a new character hijacked Shekhar’s smartphone and did all sort of unpleasant things, and ultimately Shekhar was unable to control himself. An interesting twist occurs during the course of the life. You can read about it in Page 125.

The section 2, named “Entangled Lives”, written by authors comprising of eight bloggers spread across India, talks about how the life of a small family got badly affected with the arrival of few people. The characters depicted on this section include a workaholic writer, a high-profile media head,  including a nine year old child. You can also see two more characters. You need to read the book to reveal it.

During the course of the story, a murder occurs on the spot. However, police were unable to find any clues to identify the accused but an interesting twist happens here.

In Page 193, you will find a new character surfaces whose name is similar to that of a leading programming language. He appears throughout the rest of the story in a great style. In the middle, he says everybody should him with the name. In Page 243, the authors have provided important content inside italics. Moreover, the first name in Page 292 resembles a famous TV personality.

The authors have presented a famous nursery rhyme in an unusual tone in Page 302. I very much liked the way in which the poem is presented in a simple yet catchy style. You will also find something similar in Page 314.

As mentioned in the beginning, the final section captioned “Missing – A Journey Within” takes you how Roohi went missing all of a sudden from school followed by interesting twists. Each section begins at a specific location and time, which are clearly mentioned in the beginning.

You will find it very interesting to read the content throughout the 400 pages of the book and will not feel bored. I still have the characters fresh in my mind. I am sure I will remember them during sleep and early morning. If you read the whole novel with passion and dedication, it will take ages to forget the characters, which appear on the book.

The writing style of the authors is exceptional and the content is presented in an easy to understandable language. It would have been helpful if the authors have provided important moments related to the story inside boxes.

Authored by 30 writers comprising of three teams such as Team ByLines, Team Potliwale Baba and Team Tete-e-ten, Six Degrees shows how a dedicated effort by freelancers in India in association with BlogAdda can reap rich dividends to produce great quality trusted content.

The chapters presented on Six Degrees book are reviewed by eminent people like Ashwin Sanghi, Meghna Pant and Ravi Subramanian of “The Bestseller She Wrote” fame.

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6 Degrees is India’s first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. Know more about Game of Blogs here. You can buy 6 Degrees: Game of Blogs if you liked the review.

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