Silver Hair Sins Review: A Gripping Tech Fiction Novel

I had read several fiction novels but Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal was a different story. Saumick has developed an interesting storyline with a different approach. The Silver Hair Sins is one of India’s first visual fiction. The author has provided cinematized photographs along with each chapter with relevant caption coupled with the year in AD. The book is divided into 12 chapters with a gripping storyline.

The first chapter examines the story of a chip with Meera continuously asking Akbar to reveal the location. Did she find the exact location? You have to read the book to find it out. The smell of roses invades the next chapter with special reference to a Technology mode. You will find plenty of code type stuff towards the middle of the chapter with photographs dating back to old ages.

The graduation picture of a character examined in Silver Hair Sins appears in the next chapter. The author provides several images in this chapter and is lengthy as well. The chapter finishes with a coverage an evening.

The character portrayed in the novel is suffering from a deadly disease and she seems to be had a tough choice to pick a package for treatment. The next chapter dates back to 100 years after the previous incident and it’s a very long one with several pictures. The author ends with a trendy phrase towards the end of this chapter.

The author takes us back to five years back with silver ideals. you will find several characters emerging in this chapter with various background. In the next chapter, the author examines a tech-savvy alarm clock and the usage in the novel. A bad incident occurs in the next chapter and the remaining chapters provide a gripping story.

I very much liked Silver Hair Sins since the author has applied technology in a fiction novel. After finishing the novel, you will observe that the Artificial Intelligence merges all religions to create one God AI. I also liked the way in which the author has presented the pictures. You will even find a Government advertisement featuring silver reform movement. I highly recommend Silver Hair Sins if you would like to explore fiction in a tech-savvy way.

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