Sellf CRM app Gets Better with Slack App Directory

Sellf, the award-winning mobile CRM and sales tracking app to help professionals and Small/Medium businesses reach their sales goals, is now available as the first fully featured CRM app on the newly launched Slack App Directory.

Through the Slack integration, when one of the members of your company closes a deal, a “Sellf BOT” – i.e. a little robot who constantly looks at what happens within your Sellf account – will post a message in Slack so the whole team is notified and can “celebrate” the win.

Responding to questions, Diego Pizzocaro, CEO and co-founder, Sellf said that the company has seen a huge potential in motivating employees to reach sales goals. Sharing sales goals with others and the progress towards them – via our Slack integration – will improve the chances for each member of the team to do better and at the end better contribute to the company success and benefit their individual career and success.

As it is integrated with Slack, Sellf is also introducing the Business version of its app. In 2015, the individual version of Sellf was named by Apple as the best new business app worldwide as well as the most innovative app of the year in Italy.

Now, in this new collaborative version of the app for small and medium businesses and sales teams Sellf Business takes a unique approach: helping sales managers and business owners achieve their sales goals by boosting productivity of their entire team, giving insights on selling activities like calls and customer visits made by each team member.

“With a beautiful and intuitive interface, Sellf has the ease of use of a consumer app applied to the world of sales which have gotten quite stale. The power of the app is that it pushes each person to do their best work as it tracks and shares the progress of the entire team. Think of it as a personal business coach which helps and motivates you and your sales team every day,” Pizzocaro continued.

“We see Slack as an incredibly important new platform for small and medium businesses. By making our app available through the Slack marketplace, we deliver the best sales and business assistant you can get for your organization. Team leaders via Slack can easily chat with members, getting and giving information so sales productivity continues to improve.”

Some innovative Sellf features include

  • Completely mobile app with no laptop required so all sales activities are literally centralized in your pocket; fully featured web app version accessible from any web browser
  • Sellf synchronizes automatically with your calendars and your Evernote account, allows importing contacts from your address book, logs calls and customer visits, allows documents to be attached from Dropbox, Google Drive, tracks emails and finally integrates with Slack
  • Sellf Business allows team members to easily share information that is appropriate and if a collaborator works on some aspect of a deal, others will be notified of the activity. It allows tracking of unlimited number of deals and activities within the company

Sellf can be downloaded for free from both the iOS app store and the Google Play store (the free version is limited to track just 10 deals and 50 contacts). Sellf Business is available now for subscriptions at €9.99 per month per person

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