Introducing Seagate Surveillance Optimized Storage

In order to implement a proper security mechanism, you need to make use of a reliable storage system such as Seagate Surveillance HDD, which is optimized for Video Surveillance and monitoring. This is because it is through the drives data is captured and tracked.

Seagate offers Surveillance HDDs in various capacities beginning with 1 TB up to a maximum of 6 TB. The cache memory is 64 MB for drives up to 4 TB and 128 MB for 5 and 6 TB hard drives. If your scenario is mission critical then you should purchase a hard drive with higher cache memory so that you will be able to dissect data easily.

The maximum number of supported drive bays is 8 for up to 2 TB. Seagate provides two variants of 3 TB Surveillance HDDs with 8 and 16 maximum drive bays. The remaining Surveillance HDDs from 4 to 6 TB include support for maximum of 16 drive bays.

Seagate Surveillance HDD

If your installation facility is a residential complex, you need to buy Surveillance HDD with a capacity of 3 TB so that it will be future proof in case if you plan to expand its usage. The higher capacity drives are oriented for multi-storied shopping complexes, hospitals, railway stations and airports.

The 6 TB Seagate Surveillance HDD will be very useful to monitor traffic on public roads, women safety and to keep track of unauthorized activities as well.

Seagate Surveillance HDD provides support for various application scenarios such as surveillance DVRs (SDVR), Network Video Recorders (NVR) and centralized or cloud surveillance for video data analytics.

Surveillance Digital Video Recorders (SDVR) enables significant cost and space savings when capacity and scalability are not top priorities. It includes single drive with support for up to 32 cameras. You need to buy Seagate Surveillance HDD (3.5-inch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6TB) and SV35 Series drives (3.5-inch: 1, 2, 3TB) for this purpose.

Network Video Recorders (NVR) provides support for up to 32 cameras with the help of multi-drive system, which maximizes storage space.

The Centralized Storage for video analytics helps users to track and examine large amounts of video data. These types of storage drives will be useful to regulate traffic flows around various places in a city. It provides support for more than 100 cameras and you should purchase Surveillance HDD and Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD product range (3.5-inch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6TB) in order to implement storage for these two applications.

The maximum sustained data rate for SV35 Series, Surveillance and Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDDs are 210MB/s, 180MB/s and 175MB/s respectively.

You need to take into account various factors such as total runtime of cameras, footage preservation period in addition to the location where you will store and stream data before placing an order for Seagate Surveillance HDD.

If your requirement is for mission critical installations then the reads and writes for such hard drives should be faster. Moreover, the performance level, data integrity, error detection and correction should not be compromised. Hence, you should choose a storage drive which meets the above conditions.


The latest seventh generation Seagate Surveillance hard drive platform has an ability to improve video streaming, drive performance and data integrity in surveillance applications. The hard drives also provide support for high write-cycle workloads including a mechanism with which it performs reliably in multi-drive systems with RAID support from RV sensors.

Seagate Surveillance HDD’s low power consumption feature support always-on surveillance systems. The Idle3 spin control enable power-on in standby mode or drive spin-down to conserve power and improve reliability during archival periods. This feature will be very useful for mission critical installations.

Seagate provides an optional 3 year + Rescue Data Recovery Service plan for SV35 Series and Surveillance HDDs. The plan provides protection against data loss caused as a result of viruses, software issues or mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

Seagate provides 5 year limited warranty for Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD and 3 year for SV35 Series and Surveillance HDD’s.

CR Kennedy, a leading digital closed-circuit television (DCCTV) system wholesaler based in Australia makes effective use of Seagate Surveillance-Optimized Hard Drive Solution (formerly SV35 Series) to deliver around-the-clock availability, optimal performance and reliability for the surveillance applications.

Derek Barratt-Thompson, State Manager, CR Kennedy

Seagate recognized that purpose-built video surveillance systems are an effective way of protecting both public and private institutions, people and property. CR Kennedy can now maximize video storage capacity and reliability for our customers with a cost-effective DCCTV solution.

The company also joined Seagate Partner Program as soon as Surveillance HDD’s are officially launched. They also deployed the drives very quickly in various commercial and government surveillance systems.

“The standard hard drives will not only fail during non-stop activity but also not tuned for video streaming performance. CR Kennedy can now maximize video storage capacity and reliability for our customers with a cost-effective DCCTV solution”, said Barratt-Thompson.

The surveillance industry needs massive hard drives which allow the storage of huge quantities of digital video data whilst also providing unprecedented fast access and review of recorded video not possible on legacy tape-based systems.

“With the large capacity of the Surveillance HDD, CR Kennedy can offer solutions to our customers with massive storage capacities but fewer drives. This brings benefits of less cost, less generated heat, less noise and – very importantly – less maintenance”, mentions Barratt-Thompson.

CR Kennedy make use of high capacity Seagate Surveillance HDDs ranging from 1 TB to 4 TB to store incoming feeds while preserving image quality and frame rate.

March Networks, a leading provider of IP video solutions based in Ottawa, Canada has implemented Seagate Video 3.5 HDDs for retail and banking environments since they are reliable and provides 24×7 operations with capacity up to 4 TB. These hard drives are available in low power profiles and affordable price points, which very much suits the company and its clients.

Todd Robinson, Product Line Manager, March Networks

The company’s adoption of these drives was prompted by their low failure rate, high capacity (up to 4TB) and affordability. Surveillance HDD provides durable and reliable performance and is tuned to handle the high-write workloads of March Networks’ 24×7 video surveillance systems.

“With enhanced rotational vibration tolerance, Seagate Surveillance drives give predictable performance even in the most rugged multi-drive environments,” said Robinson.

March Networks achieves the storage features it needs to save money, optimize performance and improve reliability in all of its surveillance applications with the help of various Seagate industry leading drives.

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