Roslyn v1.0 RC2 Go-Live License Released

Microsoft has announced the release of Roslyn v1.0 RC2 at the recently concluded BUILD conference. This news was announced by Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell, Principal Program Managers, Managed Languages Team during their talk – What’s New in C# 6 and Visual Basic 14.

The official release of Roslyn is the result of over half a decade of design and investment from some of the brightest minds at Microsoft and in consultation with community developers by incorporating their feedback.

The C# 6 and Visual Basic 14 compilers are language complete and officially supported by Microsoft for use in production environments. Moreover, .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”) APIs are officially supported by Microsoft for use in production environments. As a developer, you will be able to write your own code smart tools, refactorings, diagnostics and fixes.

The Roslyn Project

Microsoft also confirmed that a Code Aware Library will be released to make sure that developers should write the best Azure apps possible. It is a .NET library distributed via NuGet which comes with domain-specific guidance such as live code analysis and code fixes to ensure correct usage. Microsoft recommends developers to make use of the following resources to enable them to write analyzers.

Alex Turner’s 5-minute Channel 9 intro to Code Aware Libraries

My 20-minute intro to writing .NET Analyzers

Dustin Campbell’s deep-dive into “Analyzers and the Rise of Code Aware Libraries” at BUILD 2015

The Roslyn product development would not be complete without extensive contributions from the community. The analyzers created by the community are Code-Cracker, NR6Pack, .NET Analyzers and C# Essentials.

According to official sources, Roslyn v1.0 will RTM alongside Visual Studio 2015. However, product team is working hard to fix issues reported by developers in addition to performance tuning.

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