ReSharper 9 Adds C# 6, Navigation Features and Regular Expressions Support

JetBrains released ReSharper 9 along with their other line of products such as dotTrace 6, dotCover 3, dotMemory 4.2 and dotPeek 1.3.

The latest release ships with support for C# 6. The new code suggestions enable developers to migrate existing code to more concise C# 6.0 language constructs such as the conditional access operator (?.) and the long-awaited get-only auto-properties.

As a developer, you will be able to get rid of curly braces with expression-bodied members, implement better DSLs using static support, play with exception filters and dictionary initializers.

ReSharper 9 includes new navigation features such as Go to Action and Navigate to Exposing APIs. Go to Action enable you to search for a particular action using the legendary Alt+Enter shortcut. On the other hand, Navigate to Exposing APIs option enable you to find all methods that are capable of returning a particular type.

JetBrains has added support for Regular Expressions. It enables code completion for wildcards and regular expression groups, error highlighting, quick-fixes and a separate Regular Expression Validation Utility.

ReSharper 9 Regular Expressions

ReSharper 9 includes scope improvements to remove redundant qualifiers, fix naming or remove regions in the scope of the whole solution. The tool scans through the code in your solution and generate the appropriate imports for all the types including extension methods.

The latest release also includes type dependencies diagram that helps you to find what code depends on a particular type and what the type itself depends on.

ReSharper 9 ships with 50+ new quick fixes to cover over 270 different types of JavaScript code issues, new live templates for common TypeScript entities and new code generation options. JetBrains has extended the refactorings to include Introduce Field, Rename File, Copy type and a set of Move refactorings to ease code tweaking.

JetBrains .NET installation package ships with a single installer. You can select ReSharper 9 from the provided list during the installation process.

ReSharper 9 includes support for Visual Studio 2015 Preview in addition to Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. However, JetBrains has discontinued support for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

ReSharper 9 Installer

You will find a list of important updates to dotTrace 6, dotCover 3, dotMemory 4.2 and dotPeek 1.3 on the official JetBrains blog.

JetBrains is conducting an online webinar on the new features of ReSharper 9 on December 11, 2014 spread across two sessions to cater to the needs of European and American customers.

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