Experience Real Togetherness

Gone are days where we wait for newspapers early morning. Nowadays, we can read the top headlines directly from the smart phone. In fact the apps are updated once in every five minutes giving us irritating notifications and sounds. However, smart phones are beneficial if used properly. Your eyes will be very painful if you use the phone and tablets several times in a day. Moreover, the radiations generated from the devices will be harmful in long run. This is where the importance of building personal relationships comes into picture.

If you wait till your newspaper boy comes to your home every morning then you can not only collect the newspaper but also interact with him personally. You can ask about his business, health and many other things. You can also ask him to drop a magazine tomorrow. This will provide you much needed energy for the whole day rather than straining your eyes with digital devices.

You will feel great if you call your relatives especially cousins once in a while. It will help you to recollect old childhood memories such as those days where you should have spent time with them during school vacations with your grandparents. I would suggest you to talk using your landline phone since you should make an attempt not to use smart phones.

The best way to interact with your cousins and relativesĀ is to write a paper letter once in every month. You visit the nearestĀ post office every month, ask the counter staff for the stamp and put it inside the red letter box. From my point of view, post offices enable you to recollect lost memories.

If you have class mates in your current location, you can ask them to assemble either at Zoo, Museum or coffee shop. You should spent at least 2 hours with them and ignite your past memories.

If you attend functions such as house warming, marriages it will help you to connect with several people personally. You can shake hands and exchange messages which are not possible in social media. You can have lunch, tea or dinner with your friends and share memories. I am sure you will forget all sad things when you attend functions. You will have something which will keep you engaged.

From my point of view, Real Togetherness means sharing and caring. Imagine you are alone and hospitalized due to health problems. You can call your friends and they will help you. Relatives may not provide any help to you quickly due to various factors such as distance and other reasons. It’s the friends who are always available at your disposal. Hence, I strongly feel that bonding good and great friendships is an absolute necessity.

Nature plays a major role in your quest to build personal relationships and friends. You can plant trees in your native village along with your cousins and relatives during annual get together.

Nowadays, Organic farming is gaining importance. You can purchase vegetable seeds and plant them behind your house along with your friends. You can share the produce with your friends and neighbours after few days. This will not only bring happiness but also enable you to relieve from all sorts of tensions.

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