ReadyRoll Helps you to Deploy Databases in Visual Studio with Migration Scripts

ReadyRoll, developed by UK based leading database solutions provider, RedGate generates numerically ordered SQL migration scripts that sit inside your project and take your schema from one version to the next. It is possible to add them to version control, automate database and application deployments in addition to using them to build and release.

With the help of ReadyRoll, you will be able to save time with automatic suggestions for migration scripts, which are generated by the SQL Compare engine. Moreover, you will be able to keep complete control over the way in which changes are deployed. With sequential number for each scripts, you can add them to your version control system as part of your complete solution in Visual Studio.

ReadyRoll enables you to test scripts before they hit production stage with the shadow database. This means you can test drive your deployment using disposable clone of your database.

ReadyRoll integrates with Visual Studio by adding a new project type. You will be able to pick up and edit scripts from your product team without leaving Visual Studio. Moreover, ReadyRoll also provides support for Octopus Deploy’s OctoPack. It is now possible to use Octopus variables in your scripts to configure how you deploy your changes to each environment.


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