Book Review – Ramayana – The Game Of Life: Stolen Hope

Ramayana – The Game of Life is a series authored by Shubha Vilas. His latest book, Stolen Hope is the third part of the series, which talks about the extreme deception and love. The book examines arrogant power and deep devotion.

The latest book consists of 9 chapters. The author also provides a brief summary of the story covered in his previous books. Chapter 1 examines battered innocence and blazing revenge. The author also talks about King Danda in the animal instinct section, in which Araja appears for a brief period of time.

Vilas examines the Dandakaranya jungle and the story which unravels when Sita proceeds to make a special garland for Rama. Something bad happened to Sita. You should read this chapter to know about it. You should be prepared to save plenty of time since this section is too long. The remaining section will see the arrival of Sarabhanga, Yashasvini

Chapter 2 delves deep into the mountain story and the importance of giving feedback. Do you want to know who cried for help from the deep forest? You should check out Page 49. The book was interesting to read since the bride has demanded something from King Srutavan.

Ramayana -The Game Of Life - Stolen Hope

The author examines several characters like Lopmudra, Tridasyu, Agastya, demon Krauncha in the remaining sections. The book also talks about a rumor in Page 69, which you should read to find it out.

In Page 73, the author examines a heroic act performed by Indra. You will also see the appearance of King Nahusha. Read page 79 to find out what happened when the brother’s proceeded towards the ashram of Agastya.

In Chapter 3, the author talks about Mandarkini and the five apsaras. The Chitrakuta Mountain appears in the picture in addition to the excitement shared by Rama and Sita in the Godavari river. The remaining sections are too long. The author has provided the lessons learned from the Surpanaksha episode.

Chapter 4 begins with a comprehensive story about fourteen thousand vices followed by fallen demons. The author has given three reasons as to why Rama fought the war alone. He talks about the lessons learned from the massacre which occurred during the encounter. In the meantime, Liquor was also used and is covered is Page 145.

If you think that the story will end soon then you are wrong since it will take very long to read Chapter 5 which deals with eighteen curses. The Nalakuvera appears on the scene and Vilas talks about losing and winning something.

In Page 199, you will know the top three reasons as to why Rama followed the golden deer knowing that it was a character. You should read the book to find out the character name.

The author talks about a sanyasi who appears in Page 208 of the book and it was a long read for me. In Page 259, you will learn why Sita had thrown some object in front of Ravana.

The author talks about how to deal with impulsive conflicts in relationships. The author talks about the importance of sacrifice to shift time in Page 280. In Page 285, the author examines the background behind the deaths of Jatayu and Maricha. This section was followed by a comedy story of a cave.

You will be able to know about few special guests in the final chapter followed by a brief story about 13-year wait and fragrance related sweat. The author concludes the book with a summary, which is related to hope. Towards the end of the book, the author talks about his next book in the series.

The book has been written in lucid style although there are few places where the author can improve the readability of the content.

I look forward to the next edition of the book, which I hope will be released soon.

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