Book Review: Ramayana The Game of Life – Book 2 – Shattered Dreams

Ramayana The Game of Life – Book 2 – Shattered Dreams is the second part of the series authored by Shubha Vilas. The book begins with a restless night where the author talks about the attitudes of Dasaratha. The second section examines how Dasaratha faced a sudden incident which occurred during night time. The author talks about the way in which Dasaratha entered the courtroom and also Big M, Sambharas including the character Nemi. In page 17 the author has provided six Anarthas to conquer – hist, rage, ego, greed, illusion and Envy.

You will learn about Triple virtues of Rama – Talent, Attitude and Character in page 21. Sumantra steps in later on. She is a real beauty to watch upon. Bimba fruit appears on the scene.

The remaining sections in chapter 1 of Ramayana The Game of Life – Book 2 – Shattered Dreams covers dasarathas lament. The author narrates how Dasaratha repaid debt to the brahmanas. Finally, Lakshmana and Kaushalya also appear on the picture.

In chapter 2, Dasagriva, Kubera, Praheti, Heti, Shiva and Parvathi appear on the scene. If you want to find out the name of Heti and Salson turn to Page 37. The first section is a long tale of various characters. Kubera faces few health problems and his palace ransacked. What happened to Items? Turn to Page 43. Pushpak Vimana appears on the scene.

Chapter 2 is a long one with various characters appearing on the scene. The author examines the power of Yajna and Mantras in Page 50 and 51. The author talks about miscarriages in Page 55. Ravana comes into picture. Find out what gift did Meghanda gave to Shiva in Page 57. Indragit appears on the scene in pages 60 and 61. Kartivirya Arjuna is the person I used to talk about a lot and he surfaces in page 64 and 65.

You can find out who is the king of Ayodya in Page 66. In the next section, you will come across Narada, Hiranyakashipu, Manuchi, Nisandi, Dhumjetu, Virochari etc. If you want to know how Boons become curses you should go through chapter 3. This chapter discusses the difference between revelry and reverence in addition to a mindgame, which is a longest portion to read. The remaining sections cover how Dasaratha jumped to enjoyment, appearance of Manthara and Physicians to cure a health problem. You should turn to Page 111 to see what happened to Dasarathas legs.

The chapter 4 explains how to accept difficulty with dignity. I feel that this chapter is a great resource for those who are looking to upgrade their life. In page 123, you will come across Nistimsa and Vasistha. The author discusses Anjali mudra in Page 127 and Vinaya Mudra in page 134. The book also examines the concept of true communication in page 129.

The Ayodhya weeps section is a long coverage. You will know why Sumantra is robbing. The author provides coverage on how a person handles reversals in life.

Chapter 5 discusses coronation ceremony. The author tells why Ramas wife is called Ardhangini in addition to why negative emotions are used to display positive love. In page 184, you will find four gems.

Ramayana The Game of Life – Book 2 – Shattered Dreams introduces Matsya avatar in Chapter 6 including coverage on meditations on Ganga. Chapter 7 covers a fream story, painful truths, evil schemes etc. The author also mentions the emergence of koo-koo sound in page 275 including four sins of irresponsibility. You will also learn six solutions to success in life. The author also provides coverage on how to confront irrestible temptations.

The author further talks about brothers reunion and management mantras. Ramayana The Game of Life specifies coverage of various aspects of management such as Respect, Decision, Reputation, Team and Character. The author has presented the content in an easy to understandable manner with relevant explanations as footnotes.

Ramayana The Game of Life – Book 2 – Shattered Dreams takes you several years back and I am sure you will enjoy the writing style of the author.

Ramayana The Game of Life – Book 2 – Shattered Dreams is an excellent book for those who wish to learn more about Ramayana. The book will also be useful for students preparing for Ramayana based competitions.

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