QiLaunch Promises Unique Features Not Found in Other Mobile Launchers

Quantum Interface has released QiLaunch beta, which is the fastest mobile launcher for Android smartphones and tablets. It makes use of Spread module of Qi’s unique motion-based interface architecture platform and instantly reveals multiple levels of menus with just one touch.

The latest release is the second of eight modules in the Qi Interface Architecture suite. These modules are designed in such a way that they are responsive to motion and predictive to user intent.

QiLaunch - Mobile Launcher

The smartwatch launcher app implements Qi “Carousel” module. With the help of expandable and scrollable radial menus, you will be able to change the way users interact with and navigate content on their devices. Moreover, multilevel radial menus enable you to view and access menu items with minimum effort. As a user, you will be able to navigate mobile menus and content easier and faster than any other type of interface with a simple touch.

Kevin Fiur, Executive Vice President, Quantum Interface

When the iPod click wheel came out years ago, people were mesmerized by the functionality and unique experience. Similarly, our technology marries fun and elegance in a way that makes you want to keep using it and never go back to the old, clunky way. The next era in natural user interfaces has arrived.

According to official sources, menus are not static in QiLaunch. You just need to place a finger anywhere on the display surface to launch a menu in a faster way. QiLaunch dynamically shows you the correct path which reveals secondary menus and choices when your finger moves towards a menu selection.


As mentioned above, QiLaunch incorporates Spread module of Qi’s interface architecture platform. These modules can be used in a wide range of scenarios such as mobile, wearables, virtual reality, IoT, smart TVs and connected automobiles. The company is planning to incorporate each module in its upcoming Software Development Kit (SDK).

As of the time of this writing, QiLaunch Android mobile app is available in a closed beta. The app will be available to manufacturers in the near future using which they can create stunning user interfaces for the upcoming mobile devices.

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