Maintain Healthy Pre-Marital Sex Life

During older days, marriages are arranged and conducted by elders. They used to talk each other and finalize matters. But Boy and Girl rarely get an opportunity to meet and talk each other. The situation has entirely changed.

Nowadays, boy and girl used to meet first and then inform parents. Parents don’t know the activities of boy and girl before marriage.

Some partners will have coffee together in addition to film shows and park visits before engagement and marriage. However, few partners goes one level up and indulges in pre-marital sex.

Normally, pre-marital sex occur at a private place where both partner have privacy and can share intimate feelings between each other. Before sexual encounter, boy and girl should understand and discuss each other.

In order to avoid any kind of possible problems arising out of pre-marital sex, prospective couples should make use of protection or condoms. They are risk if they indulge in sexual activity without any protection.

Nowadays, many ecommerce sites sell wide range of condoms with concealed packaging. So partners can purchase them without any shyness.

Sometimes, boy will not demand for protection since they love to have sexual encounter without condoms. Hence, the girl should always ask the boy to use protection so that they can not only enjoy sexual life but also be safe after marriage. Girls should resist any attempt by their partner to have sexual relationship without protection.

However, if both partner agree then they can indulge in pre-marital sex without protection but they should understand the risk involved. Imagine, a girl gets pregnant before marriage as a result of pre-marital sex. How will that girl face public and parents? These are the questions which should be asked before indulging in pre-martial sex.

I would say Yes to pre-marital sex if both boy and girl does the job with adequate protection.

Moreover, those partners who doesn’t use protection should indulge in pre-marital sex activities only after they get engaged. If they perform pre-marital sex before engagement then it should be done with proper understanding, care and protection.

Government should create awareness about pre-marital sex via print and online media. From my point of view, pre-marital sex depends upon the preferences of boy and girl. If both partner agrees and indulges in pre-marital sex activities with protection then it’s fine.

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