Makeover your Home with Porcelanosa

I once stayed in a five star hotel for 3 days to attend a family function. But I can’t stay there every day. I would love to create a unique look and feel of a five star hotel in my home by adding products introduced by Porcelanosa.

Firstly, I would like to do a makeover of my bathroom just like 24KLiving. Currently, it has been cemented in red color. Over the period of time, the cementing has been peeled off. As a result of bad cementing, I am suffering from callus on the foot.

I would like to pick anti-slip floor tiles for my bathroom if possible. Bathroom will turn slippery due to presence of water. I think anti-slip tiles will not only create a great look and feel but also reduces slipping. I want anti-slip tiles so that I can protect myself and my household members from unknown slips, which will turn fatal for the health.

I would like to replace my existing kitchen tap with taps from Porcelanosa. Moreover, I will also add new kitchen furniture after a careful inspection of the catalogue.

I don’t have place to add furniture in bathroom. However, I will replace shower and taps. My current tap is leaking. I hope Porcelanosa tap will not leak and will work for a long time.

I will most likely replace wash basin as well since my current one is nearly 18 years old. However, it will depend upon the required place. I hope Porcelanosa will have small sized wash basins.

My current sanitary ware consists of separate closet and flush. I would like to replace them with new if my budget permits. Yes. I will add new towel rails since my current rails got rusted.

I want a new dressing system in place. I will make use of Porcelanosa drawers so that I can arrange my valuables neatly. I will also check out the catalogue for hangers so that I can hang my shirts and pants in an excellent way.

I have seen that Porcelanosa has indeed a great collection of items with which you can decorate your house in a five star manner.

The flooring of my kitchen seems to be in a problem. Hence, I will make sure to replace the current mosaic flooring with tiles.

I will discuss the type of tiles required with the showroom official before deciding. I prefer anti-slip tiles so that I will not fall while trying to walk faster. We don’t know when we will fall. Hence, it is better to invest for a safe tile rather than purchasing slippery tiles.

The wall above the gas stove has been damaged and the paint has started to fall down into small pieces. Imagine, if those piece fall into the food. Hence, I will make use of Porcelanosa wall tiles to decorate my kitchen.

Porcelanosa Wall Tiles

I am really impressed with the Porcelanosa range of products. They are attractive and come in wide range of colors. I will make sure to ask the shop owner for Porcelanosa tiles and other products.

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