Implementing a Pixel-perfect iOS UI Design

You’ve probably heard the phrase “pixel-perfect design” countless times, without even considering what it means, or what it should mean. In recent months, there’s a chance you’ve been hearing about the decline of the pixel-perfect design concept, but there’s a small problem with those claims, especially when it comes to iOS UI design.

Namely, the definition of pixel-perfect design isn’t carved in stone like most iOS UI guidelines. People interpret it in different ways, hence the problem—pixel perfection may seem passé to some, but others will continue using the principle for years to come, albeit under a different name. It’s mostly a nomenclature problem.

What is pixel perfect UI design?

Since there is no clear definition of pixel perfection, my understanding of the pixel-perfect design concept is that everything is done to maximize sharpness and fidelity. Once the design is implemented, it looks identical on any iPhone display with no artifacts or issues of any kind.

Creating a pixel-perfect iOS app UI means you are creating a design with pixels in mind and implementing the exact same design on the screen, down to every pixel on the referenced design, all while making sure it’s responsively adapted to other devices.

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