PDF Reducer Version 3 released with enhanced speed

ORPALIS is pleased to announce the release of a new major-version of the popular PDF compression software, the PDF Reducer. Following are the new features and highly improved performances of the engine are now available.

Speed performance of the size-reducing engine

ORPALIS’s constant R&D work always results in innovations. In the case of PDF Reducer v.3, one of these innovations can be seen in the dramatically increased speed of the size-reducing engine. PDF Reducer version 3 is now 100% faster than PDF Reducer 2.0.

Quality of the output documents

Documents are not only being downsized to a minimum size twice as fast but the output documents now have an even better reading quality.

The number of supported file-formats in input mode

The Professional Edition of PDF Reducer version 3 (PDF Reducer Pro, Desktop and Server) now allows nearly 100 file formats in input mode. Among them: raster images formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JPEG 2000 and RAW camera formats. Prior conversion of image-formats to the PDF-format before compression is no longer needed. A real productivity booster!

The automatic color detection feature

Automatic color detection allows users to scan batches of any kind of documents (black/white, greyscale or colored) under the color-scan mode. It automatically detects the original color-type of each document (black/white, greyscale or coloured) thus allowing re-encoding it under its best fitted bits-per-pixel (bpp) encoding. This provides the best quality for the smallest possible file size.

A new archiving-oriented feature

An important part of ORPALIS’s product-developing culture is to always listen to its users’ requests. So starting with PDF Reducer v.3, the compressed (output) PDF files now retain the date of the original input file. This is an important requirement for document-archiving purposes.

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