Book Review: Parliamental

I have made it a habit to read fiction books regularly and I recently picked up Parliamental authored by the reputed and popular Meghnad S. The book delves deep into the Parliament life with special reference to the current political scenarios. The Parliamental revolves around Raghav Marathe who is a policy analyst. Rahgav arrives with his big boss Prabhu Srikar of the so-called RJM party.

Srikar has been elected to the Parliament as a first-time MP. They navigate around the corners of the Parliament and they came to know that the policies and laws are tailor-made to benefit the ruling party. Srikar seems to be inactive on the social media but his friend Raghav makes use of his Twitter to show up his deep frustration. He also spread panic via his Twitter handle in the book Parliamental. Do you want to know the name of the Twitter handle mentioned in the book? Well. That will end the ultimate suspense.

The Parliamental is divided into 14 chapters. In the first chapter, the author talks about the epic win in the elections. They entered the Parliament by capturing a selfie. They carried bright saffron headbands as they entered the house. Srikar asks Raghav to disclose his Twitter handle name but he told him that that will be revealed on the official WhatsApp group. Srikar enters into an argument with his wife and the rest of the plot is somewhat gripping.

The author mentions about a grand place in Delhi and the quality of the food in Page 17 of the Parliamental. The chapter also mentions about a possible river name including the number of Parliament members of the RJM party. You will also know about one of the supreme leaders of the party. The chief whip gets appointed during the course of action. Meanwhile, the Government introduces a new bill on the Parliament and the main character speaks loud about the activities.

It seems that Raghav was a bit over-excited to deliver his first speech. The book delves deep into the intense debate regarding the bill despite a bleak majority. The author talks about one factory and you will have to read the book to know more. A leading journalist appears in the picture and she reveals the name of her publication. Raghav quietly asked her about the media with the impression that he doesn’t know them.

The social media also comes into the storyline and it assumes significance in the current generation. The Parliamental also provides relevant Tweets with the total number of retweets in a few instances. I would appreciate if the author provides an actual screenshot of the relevant Tweet so that it will create an impact.

The author talks about a party n Page 85,  which actually appeared in a popular Malayalam film. I liked it very much. The entry of the party was an interesting twist to the whole plot. A bill to curb the usage of social media has been introduced by the home minister and the author covers how the opposition leaders are having a heated debate.

The character seems to be very angry with few sentences depicted in full capitals. You will view a format of the whip following by heated exchange of arguments. The author introduces several new characters and the kind of debate that is going on for a long time inside Parliament.

If you look at the series of events, you will know that the Parliamental perfectly matches with the current scenario that you read in the newspapers. From my point of view, the Parliamental is a perfect addition with plenty of twists, churns and turns deep inside the Parliament. You need not have to visit the Parliament to know about the facts.

I would strongly recommend you to pick up a copy of the Parliamental and you will be immersed into the land of politics. As a conclusion, I am not pinpointing the fact that politics is good or bad for the community but you can decide after reading this lovely and intelligent book authored by a reputed political Insider Meghnad S.

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