Paragon Software Group Announces Strategic Cloud Storage Alliance with Data Deposit Box

Paragon Software Group has announced an agreement with Deposit Box to provide Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) capabilities in support of Data Deposit Box’s popular cloud storage service.

Paragon’s BMR technology will be available as an integrated feature of the Data Deposit Box cloud service offering, which is designed to safeguard critical data for small to midsize business and enterprise (SMB/SME) customers worldwide.

The official spokesperson of Data Deposit Box revealed that Paragon’s BMR technology is a high-value component of our cloud business continuity and recovery service. The software is expected to provide the required data protection services to keep the systems from unexpected crash or data loss.

"Drawing upon their experience as a global cloud backup provider for more than 13 years, Data Deposit Box is uniquely qualified to meet the data protection needs of businesses worldwide," said Tom Fedro, President, Paragon Software Group.

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