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PandaTree Transforms Foreign Language Learning with Interactive Technology Platform For Kids


PandaTree has announced the launch of an interactive foreign language learning platform for kids. The new platform enables students to communicate via live video with their PandaTree tutor during their interaction with standards-based language curriculum.

In a statement released to the press, the company announced that it had raised another $1.5 million in funding via Michael Dearing of Harrison Metals. Previously, the company had obtained funding from Nanjing Sunflower and Precursor Ventures. Hence, the total round of funding is around $2 million.

Commenting on the development, Rich Matsuura, PandaTree co-founder and product lead disclosed that the new WebRTC-based platform provides support for an enhanced interactive and fully integrated curriculum. In the middle of a lesson or project, students will be able to perform a virtual 3D tour of a Mayan ruin or the Great Wall of China with their tutor.

The new platform is capable of boosting learning because students are always engaged in interesting activities. Matsuura added that these steps are an innovation and a start of a rich and compelling virtual foreign language learning experience.

Responding to media, Kristina Klausen, founder and CEO of PandaTree revealed the importance of imparting foreign language learning for kids. The whole system has been designed to make learning fun, trusted and convenient. PandaTree helps kids to talk to tutors they love and can also select topics they are interested in. Hence, they will not notice that they are learning something since it builds fluency in a natural way to offer lifelong benefits.

We’ve been using PandaTree for more than two years now and it’s made such a big difference in my son’s Mandarin fluency. The variety of activities the new platform supports has made it even more engaging. My son loves his tutor and always looks forward to his lessons.
Lynley O’Donnell, parent of a 9-year-old student

According to research studies, the foreign language learning can boost not only career prospects but also enhance standardized test scores. It also increases multi-cultural awareness and empathy coupled with boosting judgement and problem-solving skills.

The main purpose of launching PandaTree is that students in the US don’t have access to foreign languages lessons until middle school or high school. Moreover, the cost of learning a language is more than the countries. The PandaTree platform will bridge the divide in the digital gap.

As a parent, you can schedule 25 to 30 minute online lessons with the PandaTree tutor at the time suitable for them. The tutors are hired through a complicated hiring process, which includes test sessions with real kids followed by background checks.

As of this writing, PandaTree offers Mandarin and Spanish languages with more languages in the upcoming future.

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