Buy Packt Publishing ebook for USD 5 Till January 6, 2015

Packt Publishing kick starts new year with $5 packt5dollar which enables you to purchase ebook version of any title in addition to videos for $5. This offer is applicable till January 6, 2015.

Packt Publishing has provided a list of 20 titles to simplify your search to buy books under packt5dollar offer.

  • Practical Data Science Cookbook
  • MEAN Web Development
  • Mastering Unity 2D Game Development
  • Learning OpenStack Networking
  • Machine Learning with R
  • Responsive Web Design by Example – Beginner’s Guide
  • Mastering Object oriented Python
  • Learning Ansible
  • AngularJS Web Application Development
  • Learning Unity 2D Game Development by Example
  • Building Machine Learning Systems with Python
  • IPython Interactive Computing and Visualization
  • OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming
  • Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python
  • OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook – Second

You can choose a wide range of ebooks from web, application and game development in addition to big data, business intelligence, virtualization, cloid, networking, servers, hardware and creative books.


The packt5dollar offer is applicable sitewide for a limited period of time till January 6, 2015. It may or may not be extended.

Packt Publishing has also produced several video courses. You can purchase each video for USD 5 till January 6, 2015 and view the contents from any device.

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