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Imagine, you are relocating from one city to another city as part of your work, transfer or for any other purpose. You will find it difficult to find suitable accommodation in busy metro cities for longer duration. The brokers and intermediate people will demand huge money as their commission. It is in this scenario, you will find the usefulness of services like OYO LIFE, which redefines the new way of living.

The OYO LIFE provides furnished and ready to move in rental rooms for longer stays. For example, if you would like to stay in Bangalore for four months, you can opt for OYO LIFE. With OYO LIFE, you need not have to worry about maintenance and utility charges since OYO will take care of them. Moreover, you can forget about the traditional brokerage fees and lock-in charges that you would pay for a broker. There will be no interference from any outsider and you only need to communicate with OYO.

The additional charges are included with the final cost you would pay for the rented accommodation. The OYO LIFE offers rented accommodation starting Rs 3999 per ped coupled with only one-month security deposit. You can reduce the rent if you opt for shared room. In case if you want to be alone, you can opt for a single OYO LIFE room. The main advantage of the OYO LIFE is the inclusion of a shared kitchen, where you can cook food just like your home.

The OYO LIFE provides fully furnished home and you just need to move in with your luggage and bags. The high-end CCTV cameras ensure fool-proof security to the location alongside the presence of a 24×7 stay supervisor. The rooms are priced moderately to enable people to easily afford.

The OYO LIFE is currently available in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ghaziabad, and Greater Noida.

OYO LIFE Locations

If you apply the coupon code SECOND-HOME during the checkout process, you will be able to avail a discount of Rs 3000 on your rent. This coupon is applicable in all OYO LIFE locations. In addition to the reduced rent, you will get a discount of Rs 3000 without any landlord interference. Is it not cool?


The OYO LIFE rooms provide a wide range of amenities such as Wi-Fi, TV, DTH connectivity, washing machine, refrigerator, CCTV, RP, limited power backup and AC. You need not have to pay any additional charges and everything is included with the monthly rent. The company conducts weekly housekeeping work and hence your room will be clean. The attached free Wi-Fi provision will help you to keep in touch with your family and friends without any need to visit an Internet cafe.

OYO LIFE Facilities

To book OYO LIFE accommodation, you should select the city name from the home page. You can book PG in Bangalore by selecting Bangalore option. You will view a list of all houses with images, address and the cost per month. The offers will be displayed below each listing. The page displays several images and you can view them by selecting Previous and next option. If you select a listing, you can view enlarged images of the room along with the available facilities and map.

It is also possible to schedule free visit in case if you would like to view the house prior to booking. The main benefit of OYO LIFE is that you can view the real images of the rooms before proceeding to book. You can also apply filters by selecting the relevant option from the left side navigation panel. You can drill down data based on gender, monthly rent, occupancy and locality based on your preference.

The OYO LIFE PG in Gurgaon helps you to live in furnished rooms with CCTV security. If you apply the coupon code SECOND-HOME during the checkout process, you will receive a discount of up to Rs 3000 on your rent. You will view a pop-up window with the offers. The dashboard will display the images of the homes along with other relevant information. You can easily filter homes based on lowest and highest price including distance from a landmark.

OYO LIFE Dashboard

The OYO LIFE homes provide excellent facilities such as washing machines and lift. You can easily wash your clothes without waiting for you to return to your home or depend upon other servants. The page displays the cost for the home including other charges and offers. If you share the home with your friends, you can save money. Otherwise, you will have to bear the full amount with security deposit.

The free visit can be scheduled by selecting date and time. The individual page also displays homes identical to that of the listing. You can navigate the pages in case if you would like to explore cheaper homes. You need not have to visit any offices for payment and the entire process is completed via online.

The company also provides frequently asked questions, which you can refer to in case you have any query. You can download the Android and iOS app, which will help you book OYO LIFE homes on the go. For example, if you visit Chennai and would like to extend the stay, you can book the home using your smartphone.

If you are on a lookout for an affordable and secured accommodation, you should checkout OYO LIFE. The company provides great offers with excellent facilities. The service is currently available in select cities but the company is on a rapid expansion mode. The ability to book homes via mobile app is a big advantage for people. The OYO LIFE homes are safe for women since the entire complex is considered safer because of the facilities such as CCTV and the presence of the round the clock security personnel.

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