Office 365 K1 Plan Gets Better with Yammer Enterprise

Microsoft has added Yammer enterprise to Office 365 K1 plan for business users. The new plan will be useful for those employees who work on shared computers or other devices in healthcare, education, retail and hospitality industries.

Office 365 K1 plan is priced at $4 per month and provides tools for the employees to become productive. The plan also includes 2 GB of Exchange Online email storage and access to SharePoint Sites. Office 365 K1 plan also provides an ability to edit and view Office online documents on their mobile devices.

With the help of Yammer, people can collaborate and share feedback with their team across the company. It also enables employees to get regular updates of company news and announcements.

“Using Yammer in concert with Office 365 helps companies adapt and respond more quickly to customer needs and ultimately grow their business,” mentions Office 365 official blog post.

Red Robin has deployed Office 365 K1 plan. The company works like a network and stays connected internally so that employees can quickly adapt to changes. The company completed a recipe task within four weeks. Normally, it would take 12-18 months prior to the deployment of Yammer.

Office 365 K1

If your business already make use of Office 365, you can easily activate Yammer by following the instructions on the official site.

Office 365 for Business starts at $8 per user/month. The standalone Yammer enterprise is priced at $3 per user/month. However, Office 365 for Education is available in both free and paid plans. Yammer Basic is also available free of cost.



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