NOV Text Editor for .NET Adds Automated Document Generation, Reporting, Text Document Conversion and More

NOV Text Editor for .NET enable you to build .NET applications with Microsoft Word look and feel. The editor integrates with WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, MonoMac, Xamarin.Mac and ASP.NET projects.

With the help of NOV Text Editor for .NET, developers will be able to create all types of text documents such as contracts, invoices, reports and others.

The text editor control has out of the box features to build advanced text processing, automated document generation, reporting, text document conversion, WYSYWIG text and HTML editing and proofreading.

Nevron has included a polished API which is easy to use even by beginners. Developers will be able to perform most compelling text processing tasks with minimum effort.

NOV Text Editor for .NET includes powerful character formatting settings such as font, font size, font style, font name, superscript, subscript, foreground fill, highlight fill, background fill in addition to page and line breaks. It also includes widgets, which enable developers to insert other controls inside paragraphs.

NOV Text Editor for .NET - Character Formatting

NOV Text Editor for .NET ships with support for paragraph formatting and include features such as line indentation, alignment, line height control, tabs, paragraph styles. It also provides support for right to left language for Arabic and Hebrew.

NOV Text Editor for .NET - Pargraph Formatting

The text editor also includes support for numbered, bulleted, mixed multilevel lists, bullet tabs, counters, templates. Moreover, bullets can be easily embedded in paragraphs or can be displayed next to the bullet list item content.

NOV Text Editor for .NET provides full support for tables with support for columns, rows, nested tables, table borders and styles. It also includes support for headers, footers, page size, orientation, columns, column separator, section breaks in addition to customizing section appearance.

NOV Text Editor for .NET - Tables

Some of the other core features included with NOV Text Editor for .NET are as follows

  • Group blocks
  • Fields
  • Hyperlinks
  • Bookmarks
  • Mail merge
  • Spell checking
  • Foreign language support
  • Image formats
  • Text formats
  • Printing
  • Goto
  • Clipboard
  • Block indentation
  • Horizontal and Vertical Ruler Bars
  • Zooming

NOV Text Editor for .NET is capable of handling 1000+ documents and is five times faster than Microsoft Word in both RTF import and layout processing speed.

Moreover, the text control adds features normally found in desktop publishing applications such as the ability to apply images, gradients and stroke to all text elements. With the help of Open URL feature, you will be able to open URL with HTML directly just like a browser.

With the help of NOV Text Editor for .NET, you will be able to insert page breaks inside table cells or floating blocks. It is also possible to embed every other widget found in NOV inside the text content which allows you to build HTML like interfaces.

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